Best Marine Apps for Android Devices

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Following on from our recent post about the best Apple iOS marine apps, I have finally collected together a list of the “best” Android Marine Apps. I tentatively use the word “best” as I did struggle to compile this list and found that the quality and quantity of marine apps for Android devices fell well below that for Apple iOS devices. Bearing in mind the number of Android devices in the market, I found this quite surprising and feel there is definitely room for improvement and opportunities in the Android App market for a good marine charting app that accepts wireless NMEA data.

Perhaps because of the faster adoption of “Droid” phones in the US, many of the charting apps are very US focused and use the free NOAA raster and vector charts, although it was good to see that some of the app developers were now supporting charts for Europe and the Rest of the World. Do look closely at chart coverage and prices though, when selecting a charting app otherwise you could find yourself sailing with Google or OpenStreet Maps rather than real marine charts.

This list is not definitive and does focus on apps that support electronic charts and/or wireless NMEA but it will give you a good reference point to start your search from. Pricing is purely indicative and is based on the cost of the app, cost of the charts (if applicable) and the functionality/value that you get.

Click on the table below to enlarge and click here to download a PDF version that includes the web links to the Google Play Store.

Marine Android Apps

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