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April 19, 2017
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iKommunicate gets a facelift
April 28, 2017
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Digital Yacht launch portable Class B AIS – follow the Nomad!

portable Class B AIS

Nomad is a new, portable AIS navigation solution from Digital Yacht.  Designed for recreational boaters and professional mariners, it offers a full function, Class B AIS transponder with a wireless and USB interface built in for tablets and PCs – all in a portable, compact package.


It addresses the needs of so many boaters who want a portable yet sophisticated navigation solution with AIS and GPS and the ability to interface with tablets, PCs and smart phones. It appeals to charter skippers, professional mariners like delivery skippers and pilots as well as boat owners who don’t want the hassle or cost  of installing a dedicated transponder and like the concept of easy iPad and tablet navigation using their favourite charting apps with a detailed AIS overlay and real time GPS positioning.  As a full function Class B transponder, it also sends you boat position to other AIS users.

It incorporates an innovative USB power solution allowing the Nomad to be powered from any standard USB source. This can include low cost, 3rd party battery packs, a USB PC connection or 12V USB adaptors/cigarette lighter adaptors.  The GPS is built in and Nomad ships with a compact, 25cm external VHF antenna with sucker cup mount. It can also connect to any regular VHF antenna.

nomad and vhf antenna

WiFi and USB interfaces are standard and there are a wide range of free and premium compatible apps for iOS, Android, PC and MAC.  The wifi connection allows up to 7 tablets or iPads to connect

The unit can also act as an AIS/GPS receiver only if MMSI and specific boat data is not available


Nomad is available now in Europe and priced at £475/€595 ex vat.  Further details at or click on the download HERE for a full preview pack.

You can also download the installation manual from HERE

Please note that Nomad is not yet available in the US as pending FCC approval

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  1. Martyn Williams says:

    The Nomad looks like a great product for Delivery Skippers, where new boats are often not given a MMSI number, to program their own fitted kit, until after delivery. This mean any AIS kit onboard is receive only. However, with a price tag of £475 + VAT I feel it’s priced well out of our range given the pittance we’re being paid for the job.

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