New Signal K App – Signal View

Just a quick post to let you know about a great new Signal K App for iOS devices, called Signal View. Written by Adam Hyde, the author behind the popular Signal Kool blog site, Signal View is the ideal companion app to iKommunicate.

With a fishing screen, engine screen, custom screen (where you can choose what data to display) and a series of tools to make controlling iKommunicate even easier, we would recommend Signal View to anyone with an iPad or iPhone….oh and did we mention it was free ?

As an iKommunicate owner himself, Adam has used his own experiences, to create an app that really compliments iKommunicate and we think he has done a great job, despite never having written an iOS app before ! Let’s hope it is the first of many.

For more information on our unique iKommunicate gateway, please click here to visit the iKommunicate microsite which has all of the latest interesting and useful information about this innovative product.

Next Generation Instrument Solution From Digital Yacht & Seamantec

Here’s a new solution for next generation instrumentation on your boat.  When we designed WindSense, our wireless wind system, we thought most users would utilise mobile devices like iPhones and tablets as a display but it turns out many users also wanted to integrate into a PC system – this makes sense as you can have a large format screen at the chart table or below deck and use mobile devices around the yacht.

Our SmarterTrack chart navigation software provides nice large digital displays of instrument data (as below) so this was one solution but it is primarily designed for chart navigation, AIS, routing and real time nav.  Its worth noting it uses Navionics charting and a unique feature is that traditional chart data stored on Navionics cartridges as used in many chart plotters can be utilised with SmarterTrack too – saving the data on the PC hard drive and minimising charting costs.

SmarterTrack New Instrument Displays

Looking for other solutions we discovered Seamantec and their EDO PC based instrument system.  It can read data from any of Digital Yacht’s wireless NMEA interfaces and also directly from iKommunicate, the NMEA 2000 and 0183 gateway.  It also works with any of our NMEA 0183 sensors.  The display screen is easily configurable for just about any configuration – move the instruments around, choose from analogue or digital format and select “pages” of instrument information to suit exactly what you want and when.  There’s even a mini AIS plotter display

edo nav display

Another neat feature is the Seamantec back ground can be turned off so you’re just left with an instrument display which can be floated over another program – you can see below Seamantec instruments overlaid on top of SmarterTrack.  You can also stack windows side by side just as with any Windows program and take advantage of a big PC screen.

edo instrument layer

Things get really exciting for the racing sailor with Seamantec offering really sophisticated wind displays and the ability to display and calculate boat polar tables like the screen shot below shows

edo wind

Plus there’s logging and recording of NMEA data, voice alarms, a logbook and lots of real time performance analysis.

edo features

So we’re impressed and are offering a bundle of our Aqua Compact Pro PC, iKommunicate and SmaretrTrack plus Seamantec EDO software preinstalled at a special bundle price of $1595.00 – just add monitor, mouse and keyboard and you’ve a powerful navigation and instrument system for any exiting NMEA 0183/2000 network.  Drop us a mail to for more information

aqua compact pro and edo montage small

Next generation instrumentation from Digital Yacht


SailRacer App now with Charts on Android and iOS


When we updated our Android Apps listing last month, we were given some advanced information that SailRacer the popular tactical yacht racing app, was soon to be getting a major upgrade to support navigational charts. True to their word, this week new Android and iOS versions of SailRacer will be released that allow users to overlay all of their race marks, layline and wind information on a navigational chart.

Of particular interest is the new chart upload feature that allows you to scan or take a photo of a paper chart of the race location and to then quickly align the chart with your precise race marks using the powerful “map center” feature. Traditionally SailRacer has plotted the racing marks on a blank track plotter type screen, but now with the addition of nautical charts, a whole new layer of essential local geographical detail is available to give you the edge in your tactical decision making.

The new Apps will be available from the Google Play or the Apple App Store later this week or you can visit to learn more. An interesting video to show how you upload your own charts to Sail Racer can be seen here.

Both apps are compatible with Digital Yacht’s wireless NMEA servers.

New Update to NMEARemote

NMEA Remote + iKommunicate

Today Zapf Software, the developer of the very popular NMEA Remote App for Apple iOS devices, released an update that significantly improves support for our iKommunicate Signal K gateway.

As well as natively supporting the Signal K delta messages over a wireless high speed websocket connection, NMEA Remote now lists iKommunicate as one of the data sources. Select iKommunicate from the list, click enable and then the magic of Apple’s Bonjour Discovery service, finds iKommunicate on your network, connects to it automatically and starts displaying the data on a series of configurable digital and analogue displays.

NMEA Remote will not only display traditional instrument and GPS data, it will also display Engine data from one or more engines, assuming you have them connected to iKommunicate via the NMEA2000 network.


To show just how easy it is to setup NMEA Remote with iKommunicate, we have produced a short video which you can view by clicking here.

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign, iKommunicate is now available through our normal distribution and is priced at $299.95 USD, £220 GBP or €315 EURO (excluding local Taxes) and more information can be found at while NMEA Remote is available from the Apple App Store.

AISView Android App adds US Charting option

AISView  is an easy to use app designed for Android phones and tablets which displays real time AIS targets with a radar like presentation when interfaced with any of Digital Yacht’s AIS wireless servers or USB devices.  Targets are colour coded and scaled depending upon vessel type and there’s a target trail and drill down vessel information display.  The app can also display internet sourced AIS data which is useful for home monitoring or for checking AIS traffic outside your area.

AISView Screen Shot Experia

The latest version of the app also supports raster charts as a layer.  For $9.99 you can add a detailed NOAA chart layer covering all US coastal areas.  Charts are automatically downloaded when there’s an internet connection and then stored on the device so no data connection at sea is required.  There’s also a simple A-B chart ruler and your position will be updated in real time from either the boat’s system or the internal GPS of the phone or tablet.  CPA (closest point of approach) and TCPA (time to CPA) alarms can be set to help with anti collision calculations.

Screenshot Raster Chart 2

AIS data is sent from the boat’s AIS system via any of Digital Yacht’s on board wifi gateways or an OTG USB cable.  AISView is available to download from the Google play store now (access it from your Android device) and is priced at $9.99

Superyacht Sonar Server – Build Your Own Bathy Charting

Running aground while trying to edge into a shallow water anchorage must be high up the list of “DON’T DOs” for any Superyacht Captain.  With owners and guests increasingly wanting that really special anchorage or close to beach location, relying on traditional (and maybe out of date) chart depth data and a sounder could spell disaster and embarrassment.


Digital Yacht’s Sonar Server working with Navionic’s Sonar Charts Live app for iPad and Android devices is a great solution to this problem.

Chances are the yacht tender is equipped with a small fishfinder, depth sounder or multi function plotter-sounder.  Sonar Server ($129.95) connects to the NMEA output from this device and creates a wireless feed to an iPad or Android tablet on board the tender.

It interfaces direct with Navionic’s low cost boating app which is popular among millions of users with detailed charts and global coverage.  Sonar Server feeds live depth data to the application which then redraws the bathymetry in real time allowing you to effectively build your own depth charts like in the picture below.  As you travel, the chart gets redrawn with new depth data/

sonar server screen shot


The tender can then return to the main yacht with a detailed local chart and the tablet used for real time navigation on the mother ship.  While no internet connection is required for the system to function, the next time the tablet has a connection, the collected data will be uploaded anonymously to Navionics who then validate the data and include on their next chart updates – so data gets better and better thanks to community data sourcing.  You can also build your own database too with local “depth tracks” stored on your device.

Find out more at

PS For those that say it never happens, here’s proof or have a read here about an incident only this week in Miami ––25993

superyacht agroind


Navigation with a PC for boats and yachts – an update

Back in July 2013, we published an update on using a PC for navigation and the do’s and don’ts.  You can read it HERE.

But… Technology moves on and there’s now an even more compelling reason to add a PC to your boat’s navigation and communication system and that is amazing value – none of us want to burn money but we also want the best in performance so read on to find out how!  There’s no doubt that a dedicated chart plotter is ideal for use at the helm where it needs to be waterproof and compact.  But below decks, a PC can offer big screen performance at a very attractive price compared to a dedicated large screen multi-function display.  It also offers more powerful functionality with the ability to install software  for lots of applications.


burning money

Any PC can easily integrate into a marine system using NMEA adaptors like the USB-NMEA product from Digital Yacht which allows connectivity to a GPS, instrument or AIS system – details HERE.  For around $60 you get boat NMEA navigation data into your PC (or MAC) and can choose from a variety of software apps to suit your needs.  But a normal note book or PC has a limited life expectancy on board.  Salty air especially with a fan that sucks air into the unit plus vibration guarantee an early funeral and that’s why Digital Yacht developed Adapt PCs – fanless, rugged and ultra low power consumption marine processors with the latest generation of Intel chips and super fast processing.  Just click on the image below to learn more


While hardware is an important element,the application (software in old speak) makes the system work and SmarterTrack 2015  electronic chart plotting software from Digital Yacht brings a new dimension with:

  • Navionic’s compatability – save your cartridge data onto the PC hard drive for chart sharing between PC and plotter – no extra charting costs.  Navionic’s is used by lots of the big brand of plotters like Lowrance, Raymarine, Simrad and B&G
  • The best AIS displays – colour coded targets and CPA and TCPA alarms
  • Waypoint and route transfer to a plotter
  • Animated weather overlays
  • Autopilot control
  • NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 integration and instruments displays
  • Super fast, easy operation plus lots, lots more

smarter track_opt

To find out more about using SmarterTrack on board, watch the videos below