Dutch Barge Association – Class A AIS Offer

Dear DBA Member

Digital Yacht have teamed up with the Dutch Barge Association to offer a Class A AIS at a competitive price with excellent support, fast delivery across Europe and the approvals needed for inland waterways navigation.  Also as a UK company, we can recognise the zero rated treatment that HMRC offers qualifying vessels

The Class A AIS market is dominated by a UK based chipset designer called SRT who have developed a compact Class A which is not sold direct by themselves but offered to a variety of existing marine electronic manufacturers as a badged product.  You’ll see that there are many variants of the CLA1000 badged under names like Digital Yacht, Raymarine, Koden, L3, Digital Deep Sea, True Heading, Comnav etc.  The approval and development costs are significant and the market relatively small so it would be prohibitive for a manufacturer such as ourselves to design a dedicated product.  However, the market relies on specialist distribution and support for a range of applications so it makes sense we can offer this great product to our customers

Digital Yacht is well known for its AIS expertise with a large portfolio of AIS products backed with excellent technical support and service.  For the DBA offer, we will supply a version of the unit called Carbon Pro which meets all the Inland Waterway requirements.  These links may be useful for reference:

Inland WaterWay Approval

Carbon Pro Installation handbook

You can contact Nick Heyes who is the lead for the DBA promotion direct on + 44 207 100 9116 or email nick@heyes.com and he’ll be able to walk you through any accessories, connectors or antenna solutions you may require.

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