Getting started with Signal K

We’re often asked about where to learn about Signal K – the new open source platform for interfacing devices afloat.  Our iKommunicate NMEA to Signal K gateway produces the perfect solution for gathering NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 data from your boat’s systems and converting it to Signal K – find our more about iKommunicate HERE

ipad and ik lr

The best place to start for app development would probably be our iKommunicate Developers Guide, which includes some simple examples of how to get Signal K data from iKommunicate….

From here you can download the source code of some example web apps, link to the WiKi documentation and learn more about iKommunicate.

For the Signal K spec and other information visit…

The documentation section is pretty complete and up to date, with a complete list of the currently defined Objects/Keys…

Most developers open a Websocket and continuously stream the Signal K JSON data, where a Delta message is transmitted every time iKommunicate receives an NMEA 0183 Sentence or NMEA 2000 PGN. Alternatively, you can poll specific data using http RestAPI calls but try and avoid making a rest API call more than once per second.


If you want to get more involved in Signal K then the best option is to join the Slack community which is where all the core developers collaborate….