Hoegh Osaka Runs Aground In Southampton Water

The car transporter ship, Hoegh Osaka was heading to Germany when it ran on to the Bramble Bank, in the entrance to Southampton Water, at about 21:30 GMT on Saturday 3rd January.  Thankfully it appears all crew members are safe,

Here’s a view from the NavLink iOS app showing the casualty and vessels around her.  The NavLink app turns an iPhone or iPad into a full function electronic chart display with detailed UKHO charts and real time positioning and routing plus an AIS overlay.  In the screen shot below you can see how the NavLink app scales targets to size – a feature normally only available on $20000 ECDIS systems rather than a £20 app!  Perhaps most strikingly it shows the Bramble Bank buoy equipped with an ATON (AIS aid to navigation) which would positively identify the mark when displayed on an ECDIS or AIS radar display on Hoegh Osaka.  It seems unlikely therefore that this is a simple pilotage error in such a well charted area – no doubt the MAIB will provide more details shortly.  Good news that everyone is safe and once again, a fantastic job by the volunteer RNLI teams who saved 25 crew.


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