Digital Yacht will be at METS in Amsterdam (19-21 November) on our new stand 1:611.  We’ve a host of new product introductions and marketing plans for the 2014 season.  Here’s a quick sneak peek of some great new products.  This will get updated daily until METS opens on 19th November.  See you there….

The GPS150 DualNavTM GPS/GLONASS Sensor for next generation navigation

gps150The new GPS150 DualNav positioning sensor from Digital Yacht combines a super accurate 50 channel GPS with GLONASS, the Russian funded satellite positioning system that is now on line and providing an excellent back up or alternative to GPS.  This “smart” sensor will automatically switch between the systems or the user can manually select the most appropriate for their activity.  The GPS150 will also be able to utilise the European funded Galileo positioning system when it comes on line (IOC – Initial Operation Capability in 2018.)

The GPS150 also allows the user to select a variety of different NMEA baud rates (4800, 38400 and 115200) to allow interfacing with legacy and current systems. It also supports a new TurboNavTM mode which will appeal to racing yachtsmen and performance users where GPS/GLONASS data is output at 10Hz (10 x faster update than normal) and with an interface speed of 115200 baud which is 24x the speed of normal NMEA data.  This massively improves slow speed navigation data as well as providing the best course and speed data in a dynamic situation.  Setup is easy with a block of simple internal switches setting the characteristics of the unit.  This allows the device to be programmed in the field without specialist software or programming tools.

Digital Yacht have also developed a range of external interfaces for the GPS150 including a wireless adaptor to allow data to be sent to mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Tablets as well as a USB interface for PC and MAC users.

The GPS150 is priced at £125 (excluding VAT) which brings affordable next generation satellite navigation technology to all maritime users. Further details from Digital Yacht Here.

Digital Yacht WL450 WiFi System

Brings cost effective internet on-board


Digital Yacht have launched a new self contained hi-power wifi antenna which allows boat owners to access the internet through wifi hotspots whilst on board.

The WL450 allows users to connect to wifi hot spots with a range of up to four miles depending on conditions. Wifi is global and offers cheap or even free internet access and extended ranges over using a cellular 3G/4G system.

Connection is via a simple network cable (10m supplied, 20m option) which handles power and data over a single, thin cable.  This makes installation simple.  Simply plug into a PC or MAC via the LAN connection and scan for available hotspots.  Click connect and logon for easy web access.

The unit incorporates its own DHCP server, so can be connected to a router (such as the Digital Yacht iNavHub) to allow multiple devices including iPads, iPhones, MACs or PCs to connect to the WL450 system and share access to the wifi hotspot.

The WL450 cost £350 plus vat and is available now. Further details from Digital Yacht Here.

GV30 Combination AIS-GPS

Antenna For Class B AIS Transponders


Digital Yacht have launched a new combination AIS-GPS antenna designed specifically for Class B AIS transponders.  It’s a very compact “mushroom” style GPS antenna with an integrated whip antenna to function with AIS receivers and transponders.  Despite its compact size, it offers excellent performance as it’s tuned specifically to 162MHz which is the frequency used for AIS transmissions.

The antenna is fitted with a 1” style threaded base so it will fit any industry standard 1” rail, deck or pole mount bracket.

The GV30 is available now and priced at £85 plus vat.  Further details from Digital Yacht Here.

PilotLINK wireless AIS gateway

For next generation pilotage

pilotlink handheldPilotLINK is a wireless interface for Class A AIS systems. It allows mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and PCs to connect wirelessly to the ship’s AIS/GPS system and effectively turns the mobile device into a full function navigation product.  PilotLINK has been specifically produced for use with the popular iNavX and iSailor applications which have specific functionality for maritime pilots.

PilotLINK creates a unique Wi-Fi hotspot aboard the vessel with an on board range of typically 30m so it will easily footprint the bridge area.  AIS target data as well as GPS navigation information is transmitted from the Class A device and the program or app on the mobile device can tap into this data.  Digital Deep Sea offer a free app called iAIS and PilotLINK can also operate with industry leading apps such as iNavX and iSailor.

PilotLINK is priced at £200 plus VAT and is available from now.  Further details from Digital Deep Sea, Here.

Digital Deep Sea S1000 AIS Smart SART –

Now IMO approved and delivering affordable safety

SARTDigital Deep Sea has added a new IMO Approved AIS SART to their product line up.  A SART (Search and rescue transponder) is a mandatory fit for life saving apparatus on all vessels over 300GRT. AIS SARTs positively identify the casualty and give a regular position update which can be graphically displayed on a Class A display, ECDIS or plotter.

The S1000 is a fully IMO compliant and approved AIS SART (Wheel Marked) which once activated, will display a target on any Class A or B transponder system or on an AIS receiver.  As such it greatly aids recovery of the casualty or life-raft.

The S1000 utilises specialist VHF antenna technology to offer exceptional range (typically up to 10NM) and has a battery life of 96 hours under operation.  It comes with a storage bag and bracket mount and has a 1m telescopic pole integrated so it can be used in a life-raft. The integrated 50 channel GPS offers a very fast time to first fix (typically under 40 seconds) and thereafter position information is transmitted 8 times per minute.  The SART shows as a specific SART target on any AIS system and a safety message (SART ACTIVE) is sent every 4 minutes.

The S1000 is priced at £400 excluding vat and is available now.  Further details from Digital Yacht, Here.