Search & Rescue Helicopters With AIS Transponder

Most of the latest search and rescue (SAR) helicopters are now equipped with an AIS transponder and our NavLINK iOS app presents them beautifully as a miniature helicopter icon, overlaid onto the detailed UKHO charting

The screen shot below shows a live image from the solent in February 2021.  At first, its seems unreal as you see an AIS target moving fast accross the screen but if you’re the casualty it must be a reasuring sight to see help on its way! Just like any target, the icon can be tapped to bring up more data.  All Digital Yacht products correctly decode specialist AIS targets like SAR helicopters, AtoNs and AIS MOB/SARTs etc

This is another great AIS application – helping improve boating and maritime safety with a joined up autonomous system for air and sea rescue.  Digital Yacht also supply AIS receivers such as our AIS100 and AISNET series for receive only AIS data in aviation applications.  Surveillance and border control authorities often want an AIS data layer on their application and the exceptional receiver processing power and speed of these devices helps with the large number of targets received in an airbourne environment with a large line of sight reception area.


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