Returning Product For Service

You’ll have been sent a link to this page as we’ve ascertained that your items needs to come back to us for factory service/inspection.  Please click, print and complete this SERVICE RETURN FORM.  Items that are returned without this documentation will be delayed.

It’s important we receive as much information as possible so please also attach with the item any email correspondence you may have had with your advisor and include a detailed description of the fault.

Please return the unit to:




BS48 1UR. UK

If returning from outside the UK, please just put a value of GBP10/USD14/EUR12 for the product and if requested by the freight company or postal service use MARINE ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT as a description and the commodity code 90148000.  Reason for return can be product service.  We recommend using USPS/Postal services if shipping from the US as these are cheap and generally reliable

If you are returning an AIS transponder for MMSI programming/reprogramming please also complete this AIS PROGRAMMING form with vessel details

We’ll look at your unit as quickly as possible and contact you with our findings.

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