WL450 Press release

          Digital Yacht WL450 WiFi System brings

           cost effective internet on-board


WL450Digital Yacht have launched a new self contained hi-power wifi antenna which allows boat owners to access the internet through wifi hotspots whilst on board.

We have all become reliant on internet access whilst ashore and it’s no different when boating.  Internet access can bring us maritime weather, navigation updates, TV and even electronic charting as well as the normal email, news and web browsing whilst on board.  The WL450 allows users to connect to wifi hot spots with a range of up to four miles depending on conditions. Wifi is global and offers cheap or even free internet access and extended ranges over using a cellular 3G/4G system.

All the electronics of the WL450 are encapsulated in a sturdy 1m GRP antenna.  It uses a powerful modem and amplifier unit as well as an exceptionally high gain omni-directional antenna to maximise wifi range and performance.  Connection is via a simple network cable (10m supplied, 20m option) which handles power and data over a single, thin cable.  This makes installation simple.  Simply plug into a PC or MAC via the LAN connection and scan for available hotspots.  Click connect and logon for easy web access.

The unit incorporates its own DHCP server, so can be connected to a router (such as the Digital Yacht iNavHub) to allow multiple devices including iPads, iPhones, MACs or PCs to connect to the WL450 system and share access to the wifi hotspot.  Any connected user can control which wifi hotspot is in use through a simple password protected web interface.  The new interface also allows network security settings and the unit’s output power to be adjusted to optimise performance.

The WL450 features an industry standard 1” threaded base allowing a variety of 3rd party pole, rail and deck mounting solutions to be utilised.  The WL450 is priced at £350 plus vat and is available now.

It can be seen on Stand G091, CA Clase (UK Distributor for Digital Yacht) at the  Southampton Boat Show. Price is £350/EUR495/US$595 ex vat.

Further details from Digital Yacht TEL 01179 55 44 74                                                                                                                  www.digitalyacht.co.uk

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