Sharing a WL60/Wi-Connect Long Range Internet Connection



Our WL60 and Wi-Connect Long Range Wifi Adaptors are popular because of their simple “plug and play” USB connection, easy installation and entry level price. However, normally they are limited to just providing a single PC with the long range Wi-Fi connection to the hotspot.

Many people, particularly on a boat, now want a fully integrated router type solution, where the long range internet connection is shared with everyone onboard (even smart phones and tablets) via a router or wireless access point. Our more expensive and powerful WL450, WL510 and iNavConnect products provide the perfect solution to this type of installation, but for some people the following simple solution of using your computer to share the internet connection might be a suitable compromise.

With this in mind, we have published a new Tech Note that explains how to use the laptop’s internal wireless adaptor to create a “personal hotspot” on your boat or in your caravan, that shares the WL60/Wi-Connect long range Wi-Fi internet connection, with anyone that connects to your personal hotspot. To download a copy of the Tech Note please click here.

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