Connecting our new AISnode receiver to a Simrad Network

Simrad NSE NMEA2000 + AISnode


Our new AISnode receiver for NMEA2000 networks will work with any AIS compatible chart plotter connected to an NMEA2000 network.

In a previous post we showed how the AISnode could connect to a Raymarine network and in this post we are focusing on Simrad NMEA2000 networks. Simrad adopted their own proprietary connector system for NMEA2000 (SimNet) and so connection of our AISnode will require a SimNet to NMEA2000 adaptor cable (Simrad P/No 24006199).

Once you have the SimNet to NMEA2000 adaptor cable, connect this to the standard NMEA2000 cable that is included with our AISnode and then find a spare SimNet connection on the network to plug the adaptor cable in to. The AISnode will then take its power from the SimNet network and send all received AIS data on to the network.

All of Simrad’s NSS, NSE and NSO chart plotters support AIS and as long as the chart plotter(s) have the latest firmware (free download from the Simrad website) then you will see all of the different types of AIS targets, including the new AIS Man Over Board systems and AIS AtonNs (nav-aids).

It should be noted that all of the latest B&G Zeus Chart Plotters also use SimNet network connectors and so our AISnode will work with these chart plotters in the same way.

For more information on our AISnode, please click here.

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