Enjoy HD TV Afloat with the new Digital Yacht DTV100 Antenna

The new DTV100 HD TV antenna from Digital Yacht allows you to access the latest generation of digital terrestrial TV services on board. With a super sensitive design and hi gain amplifier, it sucks in even the weakest of signals. It’s omni-directional too so there’s no complicated aligning plus it will provide a feed for a FM stereo radio.

tv ant and splitter

TV on board is a new “must have” especially with a big choice of free to air channels for all elements of entertainment, news, weather and sport. This low cost antenna opens a new market for reliable marina and anchorage reception without the expense of stabilised satellite based systems.

Key features:


  • Very high performance omni directional marine TV antenna
  • Global reception capability of latest DVB/HDTV signals
  • TV and FM radio outlet
  • Below deck mounted amplifier with -7dB to +29dB gain
  • Pole or standard 1” adaptor mounting ability
  • Supplied with 10m/33ft coax
  • Optional dual TV outlet amplifier
  • Just 280mm diameter
  • Competitively priced at US$199.95/GBP £125/EUR180 (excluding tax)

You can download a trade preview pack from HERE.

There’s also more information on our main website at http://www.digitalyachtamerica.com or click HERE


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