New iKommunicate SD Card Image V1.63


Every iKommunicate has an 8GB micro SD Card on which we pre-load some Signal K web apps. They are stored in the “Hosted” folder and can easily be replaced with your own favourite web apps as they become available.

There are three “hosted” apps on the current SD Card image;

  1.  Instrument Panel – popular Signal K instrument display App
  2.  Kindle App – for displaying instrument data on a Kindle
  3.  Websocket Logger – app for displaying and logging Signal K data

We have now just released a new V1.63 SD Card Image that includes updates for both Instrument Panel and the Websocket Logger (see image above). Instrument panel is now quicker and easier to setup the first time you run it, with more units conversions and gauge options, while our Websocket Logger now uses the same CSS file as other web pages on the SD Card, auto detects the IP address of your iKommunicate and fixes an annoying bug that caused the screen to jump around in Safari and Internet Explorer.

The new SD Card image can be downloaded from our GitHub site by clicking here, and instructions for how to copy it to the SD Card can be found here.

For those of you that would like to learn more about using Instrument Panel, we have posted a video on Digital Yacht TV.

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