NMEA 2000 Connectivity For Weems & Plath BRIGHTWind LED navigation light & wind sensor

Weems & Plath have introduced a new range of LED navigation lights and one model caught our eye as it had an ultrasonic wind sensor incorporated.  The BRIGHTWind light is a full function mast top tri-lite with an ultrasonic wind sensor from Calypso incorporated on the housing – saving valuable space at the mast top.

Digital Yacht have produced a below deck interface available from Weems & Plath to make this compatible with modern NMEA 2000 systems from Garmin, B&G, Raymarine, Furuno etc.  Having just a simple data cable from the unit means a much simpler installation with no terminators at the mast top and a thinner cable for mast installation.



Unlike many traditional wind sensors on the market, BRIGHTWind features no bearings or mechanical parts which typically wear out over time and can degrade performance. This non-mechanical operation makes it perfectly suited for long-term, outdoor use in all conditions.

In place of mechanical parts, the wind sensor uses four ultrasonic transducers that measure how fast it takes for sound waves to travel back and forth between each transducer. The speed with which the sound waves travel is used by the sensor to determine the wind speed and direction. BRIGHTWind‘s Calypso-made anemometer can measure up to 100 mph and provide full directional data with accurate measurements not subject to mechanical friction.

The LED TriColor/Anchor light is not only rugged, but it also includes a strobe option, which converts the light from a solid anchor (WHITE) colour to strobe on/off for emergencies. Additionally, the photodiode automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn.  The LED light exceeds 2 nautical miles of visibility and uses 5 times less power than comparable incandescent bulbs. USCG certified for sailing vessels that are up to 65 feet in length.

The LX Collection of Weems & Plath OGM LED Navigation Lights was the first in the world to be USCG approved and has set the standard for all others to follow.  Find our more HERE

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