Remote Boat Monitoring System with Digital Yacht

“How can I monitor my boat remotely?” is a question we often get asked at boat shows. Although there are several solutions on the market, many of them require a monthly subscription.

At Digital Yacht, we offer products that allow you to monitor your boat remotely, and above all, without any monthly subscription!

Remote boat monitoring system with the 4G/5G Xtream

With Digital Yacht’s 4G Xtream or 5G Xtream routers, you can receive a free anchor alarm by text message (SMS) or email.  Our 4G Xtream and 5G Xtream routers offer fast onboard internet connections—300 mb/s with the 4G Xtream and 3GB/s with the 5G Xtream—up to 20/25 nautical miles offshore. Additionally, they include a small GPS antenna.

Setting up an anchor alarm with 4G/5G Xtream

This integrated GPS allows you to report your boat’s position by SMS/Email, or even set up a mooring alarm. Monitoring your boat’s position is free with our 4G / 5G Xtream routers. The SMS or email is sent via the telephone subscription on the SIM card which is inserted in the 4G Xtream or 5G Xtream router.

To find out more about how to set up an anchor alarm with the 4G Xtream or 5G Xtream, please see the video below.

If you’d like to access more information about your boat remotely, go to the next section.

View all your boat data with NavAlert

NavAlert is the NMEA 2000 monitoring and alarm system. It allows you to set an alarm for any parameter available on the boat’s NMEA 2000 network.

Parameters can include navigation data like depth and collision alarms. It also covers electrical data such as voltage and engine/generator data like temperature, pressure, tank levels, and fuel flow.

NAVAlert - NMEA 2000 alarm system

This device is highly useful. It allows you to create alarms while navigating and receive audible alerts while transmitting them to your chartplotter.

Alarms are independent of alarms set on a plotter, allowing NavAlert to function correctly even if the main multifunction display is not powered up.

How can I remotely receive the alarms I’ve set up with NavAlert? Alarms additionally can generate an SMS message that can be relayed free of charge via Digital Yacht’s 4G Xtream or 5G Xtream Internet solution.

 By inserting a SIM card into your 4G Xtream or 5G Xtream, you can transmit all the alarms you set up in NavAlert via SMS.

This feature offers free, comprehensive monitoring of all your boat’s data. It includes battery, wind speed, tank levels, position, and equipment connected to the NMEA 2000 network.4G & NMEA 2000 remote monitoring

The most complete solution for remote monitoring of your boat’s position and all its data is the 4G/5G Xtream solution with NavAlert. You’ll benefit from a fast onboard internet connection. Receive alarms in real-time while navigating. Allowing you, to monitor your boat remotely.

Both the 4G/5G Xtream and NavAlert must be switched on to receive alarms. The maximum power consumption of the two devices together is very low, at 1A at 12V. For more technical users, our 4G/5G Xtream routers support VPN. This allows remote access to NMEA 2000 data.

For more information on how NavAlert works, watch the video below.

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