Wireless Navigation Takes Off at METS 2014

Digital Yacht have been pioneers in integrating consumer devices like iPads and tablets into your boat’s navigation system.  We introduced our award winning iAIS three years ago and our WLN10 NMEA to WiFi servers are installed on 1000s boats worldwide allowing NMEA data to be streamed to mobile devices.  The AquaWear WLN20 introduced this month enables wearable navigation for yachtsmen with its included wrist case allowing you to literally wear navigation on your sleeve – another first for the marine industry.  Find our more HERE


Other marine electronic equipment companies are also realising the potential so we decided to take a look around this years METS 2014 marine equipment show and video some of the other innovations.  Here’s the world’s first iPad radar from Furuno.

We are working with Furuno and Maxsea to get real time NMEA data (like GPS, instruments and AIS) into their apps from your boat’s navigation systems  making the connected boat a reality today.  Start looking forward to next generation navigation from Digital Yacht and our partners who share our vision.




Digital Update July 2014 Now Out

Welcome to Digital Update 2014.  Our latest monthly newsletter is now out and you can download from here Digital Update July 2014.  In this edition we take a look at our latest Android app – AISView which offers real time AIS target viewing and tracking via a wifi or USB interface to your boat’s systems.  Turn your android phone or tablet into a full function AIS display with TCPA and CPA alarms!

Newsletter_July_Front Page

PilotLINK with NavLink UK app – Nice Solution

PilotLINK is our portable wireless gateway for Class A AIS systems.  It connects direct to any Class A pilot plug connector and allows AIS and GPS data to be streamed over a wifi link to iPads, iPhones or other tablets.  Just find the PilotLINK hotspot and connect.  There’s an internal 9V battery or you can power via a standard USB format adaptor.  Designed for maritime pilots, its also finding applications with delivery skippers, captains and crew.


NavLink UK is our full featured iOS charting and navigation app using Hydrographic Office vector charts.  It supports real time GPS tracking, waypoints and routing plus an AIS target layer and works beautifully with PilotLINK.  There are now chart options for France, Holland and Germany (available as low cost in app purchases) and a separate version (NavLink  US) for the US market.


If you’re an Android user then our new AISView app for Android is now available on the Google Play Store.  You can get details here.  This provides a really nice north up or course up view of local AIS targets with drill down target information.  Here’s a busy Rotterdam port this week

nexus 7


Now with French, Dutch and German charts available as low cost in app purchase
Back in January we released  our low cost NavLink UK charting and navigation app which features real time navigation and full integration with our wireless range of interfaces for GPS and AIS data connectivity – the WLN10, iAIS and iNavHub.  This allows Digital Yacht to offer a supported iPhone and iPad navigation solution with on board hardware sold through our dealer channel and a compatible app.  With over 600m iOS operating systems, we can’t ignore the size of the market and a boater’s desire to use iPad’s and iPhone’s for navigation.  At Digital Yacht we want to offer the best of solutions.


Our UK app has now been upgraded to include detailed  French, German and  Dutch charting – all available through a simple low- cost, in app purchase.  This now opens the market to French, German, Belgian and Dutch customers as well as UK yachtsmen sailing in these territories.

With NavLink, you can explore, plan and navigate your boating trips in real time and in high resolution using the latest UKHO digital vector marine charts covering the whole of the UK and Ireland which are included with the £19.99 app.  For the additional areas, all that is required is an easy, low cost “in-app” purchase.

Whilst using an iPad and NavLink is an attractive alternative to the cost of a dedicated touchscreen chart plotter, it does not compromise on features. Charts can be presented north up or course up and routes and waypoints are created and edited using a simple touch screen interface.  Real time navigation shows your current position, track, course, speed, ETA, VMG, bearing and distance to next waypoint.  There’s a simple A-B chart ruler too and you can tap on an object such as a buoy or nav-aid and get a pop up data window showing its characteristics. Its sharp, high-definition display enables simple zooming on detailed vector format charts, as well as allowing chart data to be layered and therefore de-cluttered.

It’s also designed to work seamlessly with Digital Yacht’s  NMEA to WiFi devices so will integrate with the boat’s GPS and AIS systems.  If AIS data is available, you’ll see AIS targets overlaid with all their identity information and a heading line as well as alarms for CPA and TCPA.

Utilising the on board GPS with these wireless servers means customers don’t need a GPS enabled iPad.  Even if your device is GPS enabled, it significantly reduces battery drain when using an external source.  It also means your iPad/Phone can be used below deck and generally, the boat’s GPS is superior for marine based navigation.

Other advanced features include tidal information, weather data from weather buoys showing current local conditions such as wind speed/direction and swell and full route planning capability with sharing – useful for keeping all the crew updated!

navlink key screen shot landscape

NavLink also helps with watch keeping and lookouts.  In its unique HorizonView mode, you can use the camera on the iPad to scan the horizon.  You’ll get an overlay on the camera screen of nav-aids, AIS targets and waypoints which serves as a great visualisation tool.

The app is purchased through the Apple app store and costs just £19.99.  On board hardware is available through our technical and installing dealer channel which allows dealers and distributors to take advantage of the Apple sales revolution.

Existing users can update their app free via the App Store


Digital Dog in New Bedford, MA

The Digital Yacht team are spending some time in New England this week building a network of specialist resellers and have set up SK Marine Electronics as a partner and dealer.  SK, headed up by Scott Kreutzberg, offer specialist and professional marine electronics advice and installation and they will now be including Digital Yacht products in their innovative, custom install proposals.  They are already broadcasting AIS data thanks to AISNET and can now provide wireless internet and iPad navigation solutions too.

Whilst it was good to meet the whole two legged team, the award has to go to the most attentive four legged partner who has now been nominated “Digital Dog” status.  Digital bones enroute shortly as a reward!  This isn’t the first Digital Dog we found on our tour – more news and pics coming soon.

Bark to 508 965 4550 or visit SK Marine Electronics at http://www.skmarineelectronics.com



Digital Yacht launch GPS150 USB DualNav GPS/GLONASS sensor for PCs and MACs

Digital Yacht launch GPS150 USB DualNav GPS/GLONASS sensor for PCs and MACs

Digital Yacht has introduced a new variant of their DualNav GPS and GLONASS positioning sensor which utilises a USB interface for both data and power allowing direct connection to a PC or MAC.  Called the GPS150USB, it’s designed for a growing group of boat owners who use a PC or MAC for electronic charting and navigation rather than a traditional plotter. There’s now a great selection of navigation software available including Digital Yacht’s SmarterTrack program which can utilise popular Navionic’s charts.  It’s also ideal for use by charter skippers who want a self-contained, plug ‘n’ sail navigation solution.

DualNav is Digital Yacht’s proprietary technology which utilises GPS and the Russian funded GLONASS satellite systems for enhanced positioning.  GLONASS is now global and operational 24 hours per day and like GPS, is free to use. By combining the signal from the two satellite systems you’ll get double reliability and also sub 1m accuracy from this new HD positioning sensor.  The sensor can also be programmed to output data at 10Hz for smoother chart positioning and enhanced course and speed updates.  It’s self-powered from the computers USB port which makes installation easy with no additional power required.  With a sensitive 50 channel receiver design, it will work below decks on GRP boats and comes with a 5m cable for direct connection to the PC or MAC.  Drivers are supplied for both operating systems.  The GPS150USB is available now and is priced at £165 plus vat.

Further details from Digital Yacht TEL 01179 55474 or visit http://www.digitalyacht.co.uk


Digital Yacht is a UK based manufacturer of specialist marine electronics. We produce a range of innovative products including AIS receivers and
transponders, WiFi servers for on board NMEA data, long range WiFi internet devices and a range of sensors including GPS and electronic compasses. Digital Yacht won the prestigious METS DAME Electronic Product Award for iAIS as well as the NMEA Technology Award for BOATraNet in 2011.  The GPS150 (traditional NMEA version of the GPS150USB) was nominated for a DAME award at this year’s 2013 exhibition in November