CLB2000 Class B For The Commercial Market

We just launched a new commercial grade, Class B AIS transponder.  Called the CLB2000, it has been specifically designed for installation on work boats, ferries and other commercial craft that want to add the functionality of AIS, but are not required to carry a more expensive, mandatory fit, class A type transponder such as our CLA1000.  It is designed to interface with the latest onboard electronics with a traditional NMEA 0183 interface as well as an advanced NMEA 2000 interface for plug ‘n’ play compatibility with the latest generation of plotters and radars.  It also has a USB connection for PC or MAC which allows the unit to be programmed as well as providing an AIS and GPS data feed for PC based navigation systems.

The CLB2000, ships with a combination GPS and VHF antenna which means that just one compact 1.1 metre antenna is required for transponder operation.

With a class B AIS transponder your vessel identity and position is sent to other AIS users every 30 seconds and when connected to a plotter it also provides an overlay of nearby vessels equipped with AIS, which greatly aids navigation and improves anti-collision safety.

The CLB2000 is available now and is priced at £700 plus VAT complete with all antennas.  It is suitable for use on 12v and 24v DC systems.

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