Good AIS Etiquette – Fitting a Silence Switch

As the number of vessels with an AIS Transponder increases, yachtsmen should seriously consider fitting their Class B AIS Transponder with a Silent Switch. In popular areas, the amount of AIS traffic can cause excessive clutter on people’s plotters and fitting a simple switch that stops your Class B Transponder from transmitting and adopting an etiquette of only transmitting in bad weather, when crossing a shipping lane or when racing will help all AIS users to avoid unnecessary clutter.

All Digital Yacht AIS Transponders feature a silent switch connection, simply connect a normal toggle switch (SPST) between the White(+) and Blue (-) wires on the Power/Data cable and when the switch is closed the unit enters “Silent” mode (whilst continuing to receive all AIS targets) and when the switch is open the unit starts to transmit again. A blue LED on the front face of the unit, indicates when the unit is “Silent” or for the more adventurous, why not fit an illuminated switch as shown below (switch available from RS components).

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