Class A AIS Package For Workboats and Other Commercial Vessels
May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012
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Monitoring vessel movements from the shore is useful not just for friends and family but also for security and planning apps – we even keep an eye on our  supplies coming via container ships!  To make fitting and setting up an AIS Base Station easy, we’ve developed AISNET – a one box solution that has a network interface to connect directly to a router and the internet.  Its a highly sensitive dual channel AIS receiver with outstanding performance in terms of target processing capability.  It also has a USB interface for a local PC.  Supplied with 110/220v ac power pack, all that’s required is a suitable VHF/AIS antenna on the building and you’re in business.

The pic below shows one of pur latest installations on a radar monitoring station – cool eh….

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