New WL60 and WL410 Long Range Wi-Fi Adaptors are Mountain Lion compatible

Digital Yacht are pleased to announce the release of two new Long Range Wi-Fi Adaptors. The WL60 and WL410 replace the popular WL50 and WL400 units and are in stock now. Featuring new 802.11n Wi-Fi chipsets, a more powerful 300mW (was 200mW) modem and 64bit drivers, the WL60 and WL410 will further strengthen Digital Yacht’s extensive wireless product line.

For Mac users, the WL60 and WL410 are one of the few long range Wi-Fi solutions that are compatible with the latest 64bit Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8) operating system and come with drivers/software for all Intel versions of Mac from 10.4 to the latest 10.8.

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  1. We have wl 50 which used to work with snow leopard. We upgraded to mountain lion on Apple Mac and now it doesn’t work. Is there a upgrade we need to input ???

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Unfortunately Realtek who make the RTL8187L chipset that we used in our WL50 Mk2 Wi-Fi adaptor, have not released a driver for 64bit Macs. Mountain Lion is the first version of OSX that only runs in 64bit mode and this means that there is no way to get our WL50 Mk2 to work on a Mac running Mountain Lion. This was the main reason why we introduced the WL60 which uses a different Realtek chipset that is 64bit compatible.

      I am really sorry about this but we are beholden to the chipset manufacturer for all driver support and in this case Realtek have decided to no longer release updates for the RTL8187L.

      Please email and we may be able to propose an upgrade/exchange path to a new WL60.

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