Connecting our HSC100 Compass Sensor to Furuno Equipment

HSC100 for Web


Our HSC100 High Speed Compass Sensor is a very popular product for getting 10Hz heading data in to Chart Plotters and Radars, where the high update rate provides smooth chart rotation or radar overlay.

Most customers connect up the HSC100 using NMEA0183, but a number of Furuno owners have used the Furuno AD10 output of the HSC100 and this works well with all Furuno units that have an AD10 input. Recently I was contacted by a customer that was not sure how to connect the two systems together, so we produced a connection diagram that other Furuno users wishing to use our HSC100 may find useful.

An interesting point to note is that Furuno refer to Positive connections as H = HOT and Negative connections as C = Cold which although not a standard notation, is very easy to remember once you know. Click on the connection diagram below to enlarge…

HSC100 to Furuno Radar Connections

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