WL510 WIFI DEALER HOTSPOT – Offer your customers wireless internet access

Our high power WL510 WiFi System has proved popular for internet access whilst afloat so we’ve produced a variant which allows a shore side installation to act as a hotspot for local users.  Many marinas already have a wifi subscription service but this can often be expensive or unreliable.

wl510 and antenna


If your business is located close to the marina or port, you can share your broadband internet connection to offer local customers a wifi internet service and it will undoubtedly showcase your business and assist sales of Digital Yacht on-board wifi products into your community.

The WL510 HotSpot is configured as an access point/base station and ships with our well proved 15dBi external antenna and 10m cable for exceptional performance.  A 20m option is also available.  Simply mount the antenna in an elevated, external position and connect the WL510 to your broadband router.  The system can be configured with a custom SSID and can be password protected.

Your customers wanting internet access can then simply search for your hotspot and logon using a password which you can pre-set and change at will.


For more sophisticated installations, we can offer a “captive portal” web browser solution where users are issued with an individual logon and a welcoming web page


  • Share your office broadband connection with customers in the marina
  • Increased opportunity to sell Digital Yacht wifi solutions to your local clients
  • Exceptional hotspot performance with high gain (15dBi) omni-directional external antenna and high power modem
  • Range dependent upon line of sight and local conditions but can footprint an area of miles
  • Customisable SSID – eg XYZMarineElec
  • Password protected

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