The Best Online Reference Source for Marine Charts

Navionics WebApp

I know that the Navionics WebApp has been out for a while, but I have finally got round to bookmarking this incredibly useful resource. Whether you are planning a trip, want to check out new places to visit, refresh your memory of a difficult approach or like me just like to look at charts, then the Navionics WebApp must be the best online resource for marine cartography.

Functionality might be limited, but it truly is the “Google Maps of the sea”. Every one of their marine charts is available to view and panning and zooming is super fast – internet connection permitting ! It really is a great advertisement for Navionics Charts and when people moan about the cost of electronic charts, then looking at this webapp reminds you of how much time, effort and cost is involved in creating and updating this gigantic database of charts.

I would recommend everyone interested in boats to bookmark this WebApp and if after zooming around your favourite destinations, you fancy having the same charts on your PC, then our SmarterTrack software is the perfect Navionics based charting software for onboard navigation.

To visit the Navionics WebApp click here.

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