Visit to ABP Southampton

Southampton VTS

Today our CTO Paul Sumpner visited the Southampton Office of ABP (Associated British Ports) to discuss their experiences with AIS AtoNs and the trials that are currently being conducted in Southampton Water. ABP are not only responsible for Southampton Docks but also provide Vessel Traffic System services for the whole of the Solent (out to Nab Tower).

It was really interesting to see the work that a  modern Harbour authority does and the way VTS and AIS technology is being used to make the movement of vessels safer. What is more a lot of the live environmental and shipping information is made available for all mariners on their website and this is really useful for anyone who sails in the Solent or yachtsmen visiting the area. Of  particular interest are the Live Weather and Tides and the Yachtsman’s Guide to Southampton Water.

For anyone wanting to know more about the work that ABP do there is a very good online eBook which you can view by clicking here.


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