Using iNavX with an Autopilot


Many of our customers regularly use iNavX on their iPads and iPhones to display AIS data from one of our wireless NMEA products. Recently we have received a few requests asking if it is possible to wirelessly drive an Autopilot from the iNavX application.

In the past, we have said that this is not possible, but whilst doing some development work on our AIT2000 Class B Transponder we have found a way to convert the wireless NMEA data from the iNavX app and output this on the low speed 4800 baud output of our AIT2000.

Normally the 4800 baud output of our AIT2000 is used to provide GPS data to a VHF radio, but if a customer can do without this VHF connection, we can configure the NMEA0183 output to send the iNavX navigation data (APB and XTE) to an autopilot.

So if you have an Autopilot with an NMEA0183 input and you want to drive this from the iNavX App and receive wireless AIS data, then please contact us and we can talk you through the options available. If you have a newer Autopilot with an NMEA2000 connection, then our latest NavLink wireless NMEA2000 unit is what you need.

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