iKommunicate Kickstarter Campaign – A Dealer Update

Our iKommunicate Kickstarter campaign has been a phenomenal success and is now 463% subscribed with over 400 backers.  It has really validated consumer demand for a new level of on-board interfacing and represents a real opportunity for the whole marine industry.

Industry leaders like Panbo and Active Captain are endorsing the campaign plus the technology and it makes great reading.

The campaign ends on 15th December so there’s still time to get involved.  We really want the marine trade to embrace the technology.  So, if you’re a chandler, marine store, dealer, installer or boat builder we’ve developed a pledge just for you which includes not only the iKommunicate server at a rock bottom price ($229), but also a free dealer marketing pack with demo counter display, window stickers and literature so you can showcase your business as a marine technology leader.  If you’re a boater, then you too can back the campaign and take advantage of early adopter pricing and support. Just visit the Kickstarter site today and join in with next generation interfacing.

You can also tell your customers and friends and get them involved.  There’s a poster to download from HERE for your showroom or notice board or click on the picture below.  And if you want to learn more, check out our Signal K white paper HERE.  Thanks for backing and making a step change in marine electronic’s technology.

iKommunicate Poster

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