The Internet of Things Afloat Presentation to the BMEEA

BMEEA2015 IoT Afloat Presentation

Last week Paul Sumpner our CTO gave a presentation to the British Marine Electrical and Electronic Assoc (BMEEA) at their 2015 Conference in Southampton.

Titled “The Internet of Things Afloat” it looked at how the internet was rapidly expanding with everyday appliances and devices becoming “connected” and using the Internet to transmit and receive data with other devices or cloud based web servers. On a boat, the “IoT” faces some challenges but will offer some really innovative and interesting benefits to boat owners who decide to be part of this new internet enabled world.

Also included in the presentation is a quick look at Digital Yacht’s new iKommunicate gateway product that promises to be at the heart of this new “Internet of Things Afloat” and the Kickstarter campaign that was launched in the same week.

If you are interested in learning more on this subject please download a copy of Paul’s presentation by clicking here.

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