HF AIS – Encapsulated in Digital Yacht AIS products for better performance

HF-AIS is an advanced technology that ensures an AIS transceiver reliably processes all transmissions in real time without error. An AIS transceiver with HF-AIS will typically allow you to see up to 30% more targets than transceivers without HF-AIS.  All Digital Yacht transponder products incorporate this technology brought to us by our chip set manufacturer SRT


You don’t know what you don’t see – if your AIS transceiver does not process (decode) an AIS transmission, you will not see that target on your display. This issue affects AIS Class A, Class B and receivers.

HF-AIS technology solves this critical and unseen issue, which can result in you missing up to 30% of available targets and data. An AIS transceiver can be required to receive and then decode up to 2,250 transmissions every minute – 37 every second – with each AIS transmission containing up to 300 bytes (your GPS position, MMSI, Speed, Course etc), that’s a huge amount of information that must be continuously processed. When this data is not processed due to the transceiver being overwhelmed with transmissions, the data is lost forever – often up to 30% of targets. The lost transmissions could be from a nearby vessel on a collision course with you – therefore lost data and targets are of critical importance to your safety.

  • Proven to see up to 30% more AIS targets and data with HF-AIS
  • HF-AIS ensures all available AIS transmissions are fully decoded and processed in real time.
  • HF-AIS is advanced core technology, that combines hardware and software, embedded in the ‘processing brain’ of our AIS transceivers.
  • HF-AIS is particularly beneficial in busy areas where the volume of AIS transmissions can cause processing errors and lost data in transceivers without HF-AIS.

hf ais

HF-AIS technology is a unique combination of hardware and software embedded within
our AIS transceiver. It comprises a high performance processor (chip) which has the processing speed to easily cope with reliably decoding large amounts of data in real time
on which is highly efficient software that uses specialist architectures and structures
normally found in data heavy wireless applications such as 3G and 4G cellular phones.
This unique combination of hardware and software is HF-AIS and ensures that our
transceivers will reliably process all available AIS transmissions in real time and without

The ultimate benefit is that you’ll get outstanding performance and the best AIS capability from our transponders.

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  1. Is this technology in previous AIT2000 units? Mine is around 3 years old.. or can it be upgraded?

    1. Hi Piers,
      The AIT2000, was the first of our transponders to feature the HF AIS technology, so no need to update and you can be confident that you are receiving all AIS targets within range. To be sure your AIT2000 and VHF antenna are still giving optimum performance after 3 years, it is worth hooking up a PC/Mac to the AIT2000 using our free proAIS2 software and checking the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) which is a measure of how much transmit power is getting in to the air and how much is wasted (reflected back) due to antenna matching issues (bad connections, antenna deterioration, etc.).

      Click here for an article and associated video that provides more information – skip forward in the video to around 4.5 mins for the VSWR section.

      Best regards

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