Digital Yacht UK – New 2023 Price List

Digital Yacht will introduce a new GBP pricelist effective from 16 January 2023. Prices changes have been kept to an absolute minimum. Any existing back orders will be honoured at the 2022 price. You can download:

An Excel Version with changes high lighted from HERE (new products in red and price changes in yellow)

A PDF Version from HERE to download for your records

Please note:

  • The WL510 is now end of line. To make a better, integrated solution, we’ve modified the 4G Xtream software so these units can utilise an optional wifi hotspot connect kit (ZDIG4GXWL) to access shore side wifi. This add on kit comprises hi gain external antenna (similar to the WL510) and cabling (10m) It now supports both 2.4 & 5GHz wifi so will allow 4G Xtream users to easily switch between cellular or long range wifi hotspot connectivity. This also works with the new 5G Xtream product (see below)
  • iSeaSense are new iPad/tablet instrument packs including transducers and a wireless gateway – turning an iPad or tablet into a sophisticated instrument system. They use a NMEA 2000 network (cabling included) so can also connect to any brand of dedicated display too. There’s no app needed for the tablet or iPad as the instrument displays are available through the web interface of wireless gateway – just open the browser. It’s simple for the consumer too with a basic speed, depth and temp pack and then an add on wind pack.
  • EngineLINK is a new wireless gateway for tablets/iPads with display pages for engine data (connected via NMEA 2000). Modern outboards have this functionality as standard as well as many modern diesels and electric engines. It turns the tablet into a remote engine display (with diagnostics too) as well as transferring AIS and GPS data so popular apps like Navionics can be utilised. Any boater can now have a sophisticated navigation system on their phone, tablet or iPad
  • 5G Xtream is a 5G version of the popular 4G Xtream product. It ships with 4 external antennas to get the best 4/5G performance. However, 5G range is very limited so the extended speeds and connectivity will only really be valid for marina users in dense conurbations where 5G is available. 5G networks will make 4G systems faster too as they are used for internet backhaul so it’s good news for all users
  • AIDentifier is a new AIS beacon with self contained rechargeable battery and antenna. It can attach to any vessel, structure or buoy (its super waterproof) and will run without power for 5 days. It can also be DC powered. It’s really a commercial and special application product for monitoring marine “assets” rather than a navigation device. Applications include yacht racing marker buoys, fishing pots and markers and a DIY AtoN for any structure!

New product information packs will be available as products are introduced – and we’ve more coming shortly too!

the Digital Yacht team

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