Ready, steady, GO! – Dubai Show Opens Tuesday

If you’re boating in the Gulf, Middle East or Far East then the Dubai Show is well worth a visit.  It opens Tuesday 1st March and Digital Yacht will be showing their latest products in conjunction with our Distributor Xtra-Link on Booth E114 – check out the latest in next generation navigation from Digital Yacht!

dubai boatshow 2016 invite

Digital Yacht Applications Guide (US$) Now Out

We’ve just produced a summary applications guide highlighting key products for 2016. You can download a copy from HERE or click on the front cover below.    Digital Yacht systems add features, functionality and value to any marine navigation system. Welcome to new thinking in marine electronics for 2016.

applications guide front coverAll prices are in US$.  GBP and Euro versions will be available shortly.

Portable Navigation Solutions from Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht have some great solutions for boat captains and skippers wanting a portable solution for their on board navigation.  This doesn’t just appeal to charter users but also to commercial and superyacht captains, delivery skippers and pilots who may find themselves on a vessel with an unfamiliar or inadequate navigation solution.

If you have an iPhone or iPad then our NavLink app is a great low cost solution.  UK (NavLink UK) and US (NavLink US) detailed charting is included based on official charts with in app purchases available for Canada, France, Holland and Germany.  More are coming too.

IPAD AIR MONTAGE TRANSPARENTNavLink can also connect to a boat’s navigation system with any one of our Wireless data servers – details HERE.  This allows AIS and GPS data from the on board equipment to be used by the app.  While not strictly a portable solution, it takes just a few minutes to install so may by a neat add on for a semi-permanent installation.

Commercial users navigating on ships equipped with a Class A AIS transponder (and that’s every vessel over 300GRT) can utilise our PilotLink portable wireless inteface – details HERE

pilotlink handheldThis is battery powered and allows AIS and GPS data to be streamed to up to 6 mobile devices – PCs, MACs, iPads or tablets and is compatible with a huge variety of applications line iNavX, iSailor, NavLink, iAIS etc.  Perfect for the professional pilot or commercial captain.

Using a notebook PC for navigation remains a favourite and the new Digital Yacht Smarter Track Express Package brings a plug ‘n play USB DualNav sensor with software to turn your PC into a sophisticated plotter.  There’s more information HERE

smartertrack express rhs

SmarterTrack uses Navionic’s charting which is available with global coverage making it the ideal solution for charter and delivery skippers.  The same Navionic’s SD cards can be utilised within traditional plotters too offering further advantages and value.   Download a presentation on the software from SMARTERTRACK EXPRESS PRESENTATION

Finally, if you’re a MacBook fan, NavLink is now available for Mac too – just download from the MacApp store and convert your MacBook into a large screen plotter


Great portable navigation solutions from Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht Tech Training – A great resource

We’ve decided to publish our dealer training presentations on line so that the whole boating community can benefit.  Paul Sumpner, Digital Yacht’s CTO, was at the CA Clase distributor training event this week and presented a great overview on some of our core technologies including:

  • AIS – Hints and tips on transponder operation, programming and antenna selection
  • Wireless NMEA – differences between TCP/IP and UDP connections and app integration
  • GPS antennas and interfacing
  • Wireless internet and routers including common problems with accessing marina hotspots

Most importantly he covered lots of installation issues with hints and tips and important product selection advice.  Of course, reading a presentation on line is not as good as hearing the real thing so if you do have questions, feel free to contact us.

You can download the presentation from HERE  or click the picture below

tech training front cover


Replacing a defective GPS antenna

Garmin GPS Antenna


Unfortunately, for boat owners the “Joys of Spring” are often tempered with discoveries of equipment failure as you power up your electronics for the first time, after a winter layup. It is usually the sensors and aerials that suffer the most, as they are permanently located outside in a very hostile environment.

One of the antennas that can fail is the GPS antenna and with such a reliance on GPS these days (when was the last time you had to do a DR plot ?) this can really mess up your precious sailing time.

There are basically two types of GPS antenna, the traditional passive antenna, that is literally just an aerial (with a 3v or 5v pre-amplifier inside) and the “smart” GPS antenna that has the all the GPS receiver electronics built-in to the antenna. To tell which antenna you have, just check the cable or connector. If it is coax cable (like a TV aerial) with either a TNC or BNC (most common connectors for GPS aerials) then it is the traditional passive antenna, if it is a cable with multiple separately isolated wires inside or a multi pin connector, then it will be a “smart” GPS antenna.

GPS Antenna Cables+Connectors


Digital Yacht produce both a traditional Passive GPS Antenna and a “Smart” DualNav GPS Antenna that will be perfect drop in replacements for any of the old marine GPS antennas that are currently being used on boats. Whatever the make or model, the chances are that one of these Digital Yacht antennas will be suitable.

Our Passive GPS Antenna (Part No X500.391) can work from either a 3v or 5v pre-amplifier supply voltage and has a small FME connector to make it easy to feed the cable through the boat. It is supplied with an FME to TNC adaptor which will fit most GPS units, or you can easily get an FME to BNC adaptor from any good electronics shop if your GPS has the less common BNC connector.

Our GPS150 DualNav smart GPS antenna (Part No ZDIGGPS150) has the very latest GPS receiver technology inside and with its simple two wire NMEA0183 output can be connected to a wide variety of Chart Plotters, VHF Radios, etc. including Garmin, Raymarine, Icom, Standard Horizon, Furuno, Lowrance, etc.

Both antennas feature a standard 1″x14TPI thread integral mount, so that they can be mounted to standard VHF brackets. For more information or to get wiring diagrams for specific makes and models of chart potters and radios, please contact us.

Providing GPS data to Standard Horizon Radios

Standard Horizon Eclipse VHF


Following on from yesterday’s post about connecting our GPS150 and AIT2000 to Icom radios to enable the DSC function, I have now completed a Tech Note on how to do the connections on Standard Horizon radios. Click here to download a copy.

For customers thinking about buying a new VHF/DSC radio, the latest Explorer model from Standard Horizon has the option of a built-in GPS for even easier installation, but for existing owners of Standard Horizon DSC radios, our GPS150 is an ideal option, featuring the latest receiver technology that supports dual GPS and GLONASS operation.

Another popular combination is to use the Standard Horizon GX2000 radio which features the AIS display and CPA/TCPA alarms with one of our AIT2000s Class B Transponders – click here to see previous post on this.

Providing GPS data to Icom Radios

Icom Radio for Dia

A recent post on Panbo, the popular marine electronics website, raised an interesting issue of the number of VHF DSC radios in the United States that have not been properly configured for DSC. This really got us thinking, because two of our products; the new GPS150 DualNav Positioning Sensor and our AIT2000 Class B transponder are ideal position sources for a DSC capable VHF radio, but if people are not connecting a GPS to their radio, then perhaps more information is needed.

The benefits of DSC are well proven and in most cases, connection is easy with just a couple of wires to be joined. To take away some of the confusion of which wires to connect, Digital Yacht will be publishing a couple of new Tech Notes that show how to connect our products to the most popular brands of VHF Radios.

The first Tech Note is for Icom radios and you can click here to download a copy. We have tried to cover all of the different models of Icom radios but if your model is missing or the wiring does not match, please let us know and we will add/modify it.