Aqua Compact Pro gets an upgrade

Our Aqua Compact Pro has a new processor upgrade and now incorporates the latest Intel i3, 7th generation processor.  These are soldered direct to board for increased reliability in the marine environment.

aqua compact handheld

Latest changes include:

  • i3 7100U processor, 8GB DDR4 memory
  • Dual display outputs – full size HDMI and USB C
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and Dual Band WiFi built in (plus wired gigabit network port)
  • 4 x USB 3 ports with charging mode on front panel port
  • Front panel mounted audio jack for audio in/out – ideal as media center
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Built in mic for Cortana speech control and recognition – voice control is here!
  • Micro SD slot – ideal for Navionic’s cards with our SmarterTrack PC navigation software

Pricing and part numbers remain unchanged and the new model will start shipping immediately.

Aqua Compact Pro Marine PC – Handy Size!

Thinking about adding a PC to your boat? Digital Yacht’s new Aqua Compact Pro PC really does fit in the palm of your hand! Space is always at a premium on board and despite its slimline 11.5 x 11 x 5 cm dimensions, the Aqua PC packs in a powerful 5th generation Intel Core i3 processor with exceptional graphics performance for the latest 3D charting and HD navigation programs.  It’s the perfect partner for applications like Maxsea TimeZero – even with radar and 3D overlays.

aqua compact handheld

So why a PC on board?  The number one, compelling reason to add a PC to your boat’s navigation and communication system is amazing value. There’s no doubt that a dedicated chart plotter is ideal for use at the helm where it needs to be waterproof and compact.  But below decks, a PC can offer big screen performance at a very attractive price compared to a dedicated large screen multi-function display.  Of course, a PC and chart plotting software can also be your only electronic navigation device, just integrated to the GPS and instruments via a simple NMEA interface.

A PC also offers more powerful functionality than a dedicated MFD with the ability to install software for lots of applications from navigation to entertainment, email communications, weather and internet connectivity.  PCs are also up-dateable as new applications become available.

Any why not a laptop? They are simply not designed for the hostile marine environment and consume large amounts of power.  It’s a much neater solution to have a dedicated PC and display both in terms of functionality and reliability.   With some simple engineering, you can install a monitor to swivel between chart table and saloon so it can become an entertainment as well as a navigation device.

Aqua Compact Pro Features:

  • The perfect solution for demanding navigation applications like MaxSea/Nobeltec TimeZero even with radar and 3D integration
  • Direct DC 12V operation – no power hungry inverters or AC requirement and power consumption typically 20W
  • 8GB RAM and Windows 10 operating system
  • Built in 801.11AC wifi, ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual video out (mini HDMI and Displayport) with HD5500 graphics and support for displays up to 4K for ultra high definition viewing
  • Super fast and ultra reliable 160GB SSD
  • 4 x USB 3 ports
  • Easy mounting on to vertical or horizontal surfaces – even under-sling from a shelf

Digital Yacht don’t manufacture displays but there’s plenty available from 3rd party manufacturers.  We can definately recommend the AG Neovo range of displays – have a look HERE

How about interfacing?

Finally to make installation easy, we’re producing a version of our MUX100 fitted with a USB cable – with opto isolated NMEA inputs pre-configured for 4800 and 38400 baud and a simple plug ‘n play USB connection, it’s the easiest way to get the Aqua Compact Pro integrated into the boat’s navigation system.


And don’t forget our SmarterTrack 2016 Navigation Software which uses Navionic’s charting so you can share your plotter charts with a PC too – more savings!


The Aqua Compact Pro is shipping now.  Price £795/US$1295 excluding any taxes.

Display Solution For Digital Yacht PCs On Board

Here’s a great 3rd party accessory for Digital Yacht on board PCs – AG Neovo displays and monitors.  The X SERIES is available in 15-24″ and makes a perfect chart table or below deck monitor for a fraction of the cost of  a dedicated marine display.  Most importantly, these displays are suitable for direct DC operation although they do require a clean and stable 12V supply so we recommend utilising a 12V-12V regulator like those available from Alfatronix and Victron.  All these monitors have a tough chassis and hard glass front.  They are not waterproof but we have seen installations operating for 100,000’s hours over many years without issue in some harsh environments.


The 15, 17 and 19″ formats feature a 4:3 aspect ratio.  The larger 22″ and 24″ utilise a 16:9 wide screen format – all are compatible with the advanced graphics on the Aqua Adapt PCs.  All have a HDMI video input as well as VGA and analogue video for TV and CCTV applications (plus thermal cameras too…)  The wide screen displays (which are stunning) have an HDMI input too.

neovo x19

Fitting at the chart table or saloon is simple – they can be flush fitted or attached to a standard VESA bracket for swivel or wall mounting.  Swivel appeals as you can multi-task the monitor at the chart table or rotate as a saloon TV monitor.  The foot mount can also be removed easily with just two hex screws.

So perfect package…  Aqua Adapt PC system plus

SmarterTrack Navigation Software

AIT3000 Class B AIS transponder



and AG Neovo display

As a manufacturer, Digital Yacht don’t resell 3rd party products.  You should be able to purchase these direct through the AG Neovo network.  However, if you don’t have easy access in your market give our sales team a call and we’ll be happy to help + 44 1779 55 44 74 (US 978 277 1234)

Aqua Adapt PCs Now Shipping

PCs are getting more popular on board and with the introduction of Windows 8.1 with its tiled interface, it makes a great choice for touch screen navigation and finger-tip control.  Many boaters use a notebook but they’re not designed for the hostile marine environment and also generally can’t connect to the boat’s DC power source without an adaptor or inverter.

Adapt PC

Digital Yacht have introduced a new chunky, mini PC designed specifically for use on board.  The Adapt PC connects direct to the boat’s battery system and operates from 8-19V DC.  It’s completely electronic with no moving parts and utilises the latest technology in solid state hard drives. It’s also passively cooled so there’s no fan to swirl moist air around delicate electronics.  Despite its tiny 200 x 110 x 70mm dimensions, it packs in a powerful Intel i3 processor and 8GB RAM as well as a 60GB solid state drive.  128 and 240GB options are also available.  With this spec, Adapt is ideal for use with graphics intense 3D navigation programs whilst still only consuming around 25W of power.  802.11 g/b/n Wi-Fi is also built in with dual antennas to improve performance.  This can be configured as a Wi-Fi server for remote display apps so a tablet or iPad can act as a PC remote display out in the cockpit.

With Windows 8.1 supporting multi touch features like pinch to zoom, it makes sense to pair the PC with a touchscreen.  The Adapt PC has two independent HDMI video outputs allowing two displays to be connected.

Most users want the PC to act as a hub for a navigation system to take advantage of software features like downloadable weather overlays, multi-screen chart displays or route optimisation.  Here the Adapt system really scores as two additional external modules have been developed to allow plug ‘n play NMEA0183 and NMEA 2000 navigation network integration as well as an Adapt Communication interface for internet access.  The Adapt Navigation interface has a NMEA 0183 input and a certified NMEA 2000 connection to hook up direct to boat networks.  Also available is the Adapt Communication interface which brings high power Wi-Fi to the Adapt PC for easy internet access whilst afloat.  This option allows access to shore side hotspots with ranges up to 5NM depending upon conditions.  The Adapt PC can also be set up to share this internet connection with other mobile users on board.

Both these interfaces match the rugged style of the Adapt PC and connect with just a single cable to the main processor.

The Aqua Adapt PC costs $1495 and the Navigation Interface is $625.  The Communication interface with high gain 36″ external antenna is $825.  Please contact us for GBP and EUR pricing

A sales presentation is available here ADAPT US DEALER PRESENTATION

How to find out what Motherboard your PC has


Digital Yacht have been developing and selling marine PCs for over 10 years now and in that time we have used many different makes and models of PC Motherboard – the main circuit board inside a PC.

When a customer contacts us about their Digital Yacht Marine PC, the most important information that helps us understand the model and build history of the PC is the type of motherboard it has. To find out this information, the easiest way is to use the Microsoft DxDiag program that has been included with all versions of Windows since Windows 98 (2nd Edition).

The method to run DxDiag, varies very slightly between different versions of Windows;

  1. Windows XP – click the START button, select RUN and type dxdiag in the box and press the ENTER button
  2. Windows Vista/7 – click the START button, type dxdiag in the search box and press the ENTER button
  3. Windows 8 – from the START page, type dxdiag and press the ENTER button

When DxDiag runs it displays the following Window which includes the Make and Model of the motherboard and also the BIOS version, Microprocessor and RAM information. With this information, Digital Yacht will be able to answer any questions about your PC and provide any assistance and support required.

DxDiag Info

New Series of SmarterTrack Videos



With the release of our latest SmarterTrack 2014 navigation software for Windows PCs, we have prepared a series of short videos that take you through the most popular functions of SmarterTrack. Click on the links below to view the video on YouTube….

1)   Getting Started
2)   Interfacing
3)   Navionics Charts
4)   Waypoints and Routes
5)   Tides and Tidal Planning
6)   Weather (GRIB Files)
7)   Navigation
8)   AIS

SmarterTrack 2014 now supports Navionics Sonar Charts, allows copying of Navionics charts to your PC’s hard drive, which in conjunction with the new “no dongle” copy protection means that you do not need any devices permanently connected to the USB ports of your PC. With improved route management, wireless display/control from a tablet and NMEA2000 interfacing, the new SmarterTrack 2014 is the perfect Navionics based navigation software for small boats.

Aqua PCs now shipping with Windows 8

Aqua 2 PC with Logos-web


With a smart new user interface, faster performance and all of the latest features of a modern operating system, we have made Windows 8 (64bit Home Premium) the standard installation on all of our Aqua 200 range of marine PCs.

We were a little skeptical at first of whether Windows 8 was worth all of the hype, but during our testing we were very impressed with the new interface and improvements that have been made to Windows 8. Speed is definitely improved and boot times on our Aqua PCs are now very fast.

Even without a touch screen, Windows 8 has a lot to offer and now that our Aqua Standard PCs come with a 64GB solid state drive, combined with the fanless motherboard, you get silent operation and very low current consumption < 1Amp @ 12v.

For more information on our Aqua PCs, click here.