Display Solution For Digital Yacht PCs On Board

Here’s a great 3rd party accessory for Digital Yacht on board PCs – AG Neovo displays and monitors.  The X SERIES is available in 15-24″ and makes a perfect chart table or below deck monitor for a fraction of the cost of  a dedicated marine display.  Most importantly, these displays are suitable for direct DC operation although they do require a clean and stable 12V supply so we recommend utilising a 12V-12V regulator like those available from Alfatronix and Victron.  All these monitors have a tough chassis and hard glass front.  They are not waterproof but we have seen installations operating for 100,000’s hours over many years without issue in some harsh environments.


The 15, 17 and 19″ formats feature a 4:3 aspect ratio.  The larger 22″ and 24″ utilise a 16:9 wide screen format – all are compatible with the advanced graphics on the Aqua Adapt PCs.  All have a HDMI video input as well as VGA and analogue video for TV and CCTV applications (plus thermal cameras too…)  The wide screen displays (which are stunning) have an HDMI input too.

neovo x19

Fitting at the chart table or saloon is simple – they can be flush fitted or attached to a standard VESA bracket for swivel or wall mounting.  Swivel appeals as you can multi-task the monitor at the chart table or rotate as a saloon TV monitor.  The foot mount can also be removed easily with just two hex screws.

So perfect package…  Aqua Adapt PC system plus

SmarterTrack Navigation Software

AIT3000 Class B AIS transponder



and AG Neovo display

As a manufacturer, Digital Yacht don’t resell 3rd party products.  You should be able to purchase these direct through the AG Neovo network.  However, if you don’t have easy access in your market give our sales team a call and we’ll be happy to help + 44 1779 55 44 74 (US 978 277 1234)

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