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June 18, 2013
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New LED Indications on AIT2000 + CLB2000

AIT2000 Power LED

Under normal conditions our AIT2000 and CLB2000 Class B Transponders should have a constant Green LED lit as shown above. This basically means that everything is OK and that the transponder is transmitting your position to other AIS vessels correctly.

The AIT2000 and CLB2000 are constantly carrying out a series of self tests that check the supply voltage, GPS position and the amount of power being transmitted to the VHF antenna. You can be 100% sure that if the Green LED is lit then everything is OK.

However, what happens when things go wrong ? Below is a table showing the different LED indications and what they mean, including a couple of new indication modes that were introduced with the recent firmware update Version 1.7. The new modes are the flashing ones shown below, click on the table to enlarge it ….

AIT2000 LED Indication Table


For more information, please download the full Installation and Operation Manual for the AIT2000/CLB2000 by clicking here.

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