SmarterTrack Software Gets A New Release

We’ve just launched a new release of SmarterTrack software (VR 6.05) which has some nifty new features.

  • Navionic’s charts can now be copied onto the hard drive of the PC so that the chart doesn’t have to be installed in the reader.  This is great for dual use systems where you use the cartridge in the chart plotter as well as on the PC.  It also makes a great dual station installation with a compact waterproof chart plotter in the cockpit (such as the Lowrance or Raymarine products which use Navionic’s mapping) and use a PC at the chart table.  Remember SmarterTrack can transfer waypoints to these devices too via NMEA or a user cartridge – nice!
  • TCP/IP data feeds are now supported so SmarterTrack can be used wirelessly with devices like our WLN10 NMEA-W-Fi server
  • NMEA 2000 is now supported using our N2NET gateway – this connects to your PC via USB and connects directly to a NMEA2000 network allowing a plug ‘n play solution for getting NMEA 2000 data directly in to the PC.
  • New DataBox windows – scaleable to the size you want allows complete flexibility of the way NMEA 0183/2000 data is displayed
  • Once the program has opened, you can safely remove the security dongle and continue operation.  This frees up a USB port and allows you to store the dongle somewhere safe
  • Any cartridge reader can be used with SmarterTrack rather than the dedicated Navionic’s type unit which makes operation even more flexible
  • Weather is now supported – you can overlay a grib file for an animated weather forecast
SmarterTrack has been optimised for AIS target displays too with advanced filtering, colour coded targets, TCPA/CPA alarms and a patented featured called Fast AIS which allows static data to be stored for Class B targets to allow rapid redisplay of information

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