NMEA-USB Adaptor

If you want a quick and easy way to get NMEA into your PC or MAC, the our USB-NMEA adaptor (ZDIGUSBNMEA) is the perfect choice.  It works with 4800 and 38400 baud data so is AIS compatible too and we even include a software CD which includes drivers and some great software such as AIS SmarterTrack Lite and a NMEA viewer.

It creates a virtual com port on your PC or MAC and is compatible with leading navigation software such as Fugawi, Nobeltec, MaxSea, Maptech, SeaClear, Open CPN, SmarterTrack, SeaPro, Sea Plotter and many more. Lit’s also bi-directional.  Buy it for just $59.95 from HERE now or click the Paypal Logo below


8 thoughts on “NMEA-USB Adaptor

    • Hi Caspar,

      Our NMEA to USB adaptor cable is just for bi-directional NMEA0183 communication and is not NMEA2000 compatible. For NMEA2000 you will need an NMEA2000 USB Gateway and there are a couple of manufacturers of these units on the market.

      Best regards


    • Hi Gilles,

      Our USB to NMEA adaptor cable is certainly capable of transfering Routes/Waypoints over NMEA0183, but it all depends upon the Software on the two devices that you are trying to transfer data between, as to whether they will successfully talk to each other. I did a quick check on the OpenCPN website and found this information in the “Connections” instructions…

      “Use GarminGRMN (Host) mode for uploads. Make sure that this box is ticked, if you have a Garmin GPS. The reason for this is that Garmin units cannot accept route uploads via standard NMEA0183. This is a “design feature” of all Garmin receivers.”

      I have never used this setting on the Garmin plotters, but I remember seeing it as an option on all of the Garmin units I have played with and so I would be quietly confident that this will work. Just double check that you have this setting on your Garmin unit – it will be under the NMEA Interfacing menu.

      Best regards

      • Hie Paul.
        I confirm that on my GPSMAP 527 there is two serial ports
        Each one can be configured as GARMIN, Std NMEA, or High speed NMEA.
        I have configured the Serial port 2 as “GARMIN”
        On OPENCPN have configured it as it is recommended by
        “Using GarminGRMN (Host) mode for uploads”

        Then I have a problem : On the GPS there is two electric connections corresponding to serial port 2 (One dark pink, one grey)
        I do not understand what is the wiring I should do. Which line from your USB adapter I should connect to the dark pink and on the grey from my GPS.
        Would be very kind if you could help me.
        All my Best

  1. Hi Gilles,

    OK you can connect our USB to NMEA converter to Port 2 of your Garmin GPSMap 527 as follows:

    Our Cable – Garmin
    Yellow – Gray
    Orange – Violet
    Black – Black

    Hope this helps.

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