GPS150 Shipping Now

Our new DualNav positioning sensor, the GPS150 is now shipping.  DualNav is our technology that allows combination GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning from one system.  Whilst we’re all familiar with GPS, GLONASS has remained a hidden gem!  It’s the Russian funded satellite navigation system and like GPS it’s now global, highly accurate and FREE to use.  Combining GPS and GLONASS in the GPS150 doesn’t just offer extra relaibility inherent from two independent satellite system but also better accuracy (typically sub 1m), better tracking in harsh conditions and faster position updates.  The GPS150 also supports superior 10Hz position updates for the best possible plotter overlays.


The installer can program the GPS150 for manual GPS/GLONASS operation (allowing either satellite system to be individually selected) or for DualNav combo mode.  It also supports our new TurboNav mode with 10Hz updates and high speed NMEA interfacing.

Watch a video on DualNav below:

More information on DualNav and the GPS150 can be found at our micro site or download the brochure from here GPS150 UK BROCHURE

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