SmarterTrack 2014 Shipping Now

Every year we overhaul our popular SmarterTrack PC Navigation product.  Upgrades for existing users are just £29.95.  New copies are £259.95

It is of course now compatible with Windows 8 and it works well on touch screen displays.  It also supports Splashtop remote monitoring so a tablet can link to the main PC via wifi for remote control and viewing.  It turns your iPad or Tablet into a full function remote display!   Other exciting new features are support for Navionic’s Sonar charts (as well as Gold and Platinum navigator charts) enhanced waypoint, track, mark and route management and some great new AIS features.  There’s literally hundreds of exciting new features so we’ll produce a series of articles over the next few weeks detailing what’s available.  Here’s the first on AIS upgrades and features.   Click this link SmarterTrack 2014 AIS Presentation to download the presentation

SmarterTrack New Instrument Displays

Call us on + 44 1179 554474 to order


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