WL60 + WL410 now Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) Compatible



When I wrote yesterday’s post about compatibility of our WL60 and WL410 Long Range Wi-Fi products. I never expected to be writing a second post today saying that these units were now Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 compatible. However, the engineers at RealTek have come up trumps and with perfect timing have sent me a new Mac 10.9 compatible driver, which we tested this morning and it works.

There are very few USB wireless adaptors that are compatible with the latest Mavericks 10.9 OS X and even fewer that offer boosted long range Wi-Fi, so we are really pleased to be able to confirm that our WL60 and WL410 products are now Mavericks compatible.

The WL60+WL410 drivers package on our website has now been updated and if you click here (or the link in yesterday’s post) you can download the new Mac OS X 10.9 drivers.

Now if we can just convince Realtek to update the LINUX drivers, our work here will be complete !

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