New Digital Yacht Website

New Website

Our old website has had a long and hard life and recently we have been attacked by a series of hacks targeting older OSCommerce based websites. Some of you may have noticed the website being unavailable (offline) and this is becoming increasingly frequent, to the point where we are going to pull the plug on the old website within the next two weeks.

We have a brand new Joomla based website that has been online for a few months now at and this will transition in to the new site as soon as our new dedicated web server is setup. Until the transistion is complete we recommend all customers to use the new site at….

Unfortunately many of our Tech Notes, Manuals, Blog Articles, etc. feature links to the old “” website but we are planning to setup a series of redirects that should take you to the right places when you click the old links. However, if you notice any broken links or you cannot find particular documents or software that use to exist on the old website please let us know.

As part of the new site, we have just gone live with a new Online Chat service which will allow you to Chat to our Sales and Service Engineers (if available) in realtime. If there is no one available to accept your Chat request, then you can leave a message and someone will contact you when possible. As you are browsing our new website you will see one of the two tabs below that show whether Live Chat is available or whether you can leave a message. These tabs appear on every page of the site except the Homepage.

have_a_question leave

So if you are browsing our website and have a question, please click whichever of these tabs is shown and one of our experts will be pleased to answer you, as soon as they can.

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