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January 18, 2019
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Firmware Updating our WLN10SM Units

The new WLN10 interface

The new WLN10 interface

This week we released the first firmware update (Version 1.31) for our new WLN10SM Smart Wireless NMEA Server, which improves the “View Data” feature and fixes some stability issues. We would recommend this update to anyone who has an earlier version of firmware on their unit – you can see the version number in the footer of the WLN10SM’s main web page.

The firmware update can be downloaded by clicking here.

IMPORTANT NOTE – the file you download is a compressed ZIP file, make sure you extract the binary (.bin) file inside and upload this file not the ZIP file, otherwise you could “brick” your WLN10SM and it will need to come back to Digital Yacht for repair (not under warranty).

We have tried to make the firmware update process as easy as possible on this new WLN10SM model and everything is done through the unit’s built-in web interface. To make things even easier, we have produced a short video of the process…

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