New Dealer website for NAVDoctor

Since the launch of our NAVDoctor wireless NMEA 2000 Diagnostics tool last month, we have been busy collecting feedback from Dealers who have used NAVDoctor to test and diagnose their NMEA 2000 networks.

This is the start of the NAVDoctor’s “career” and we are keen to ensure that any issues or improvements are dealt with quickly and efficiently, to try and make NAVDoctor the “goto” NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool.

To help achieve this goal, we have published a new GitHub based Dealer website where we will post the latest NAVDoctor news, firmware updates and useful hints/tips. Dealers are encouraged to use the “Issues” tab to record any odd issues they have seen with NAVDoctor’s operation or to request new features that we had not thought of.

There are so many different NMEA 2000 certified products on the market now, plus an even greater number of un-certified ones. When you add up all of those variables, plus the different mobile devices and browsers that exist, trying to test every possible scenario that dealers commonly face on boats, is impossible.

For this reason, we did not expect to get NAVDoctor 100% right, first time, and that is why your feedback is so important. If you commit to give us your feedback, we will commit the necessary time and engineering resource to promptly sort out any unforeseen issues and release updates that all NAVDoctor users will benefit from.

Please use the “Issues” feature of the GitHub repository to provide your feedback. If you do not already have a GitHub account, it is very quick and easy to set one up and then you can post any issues, see our responses and follow our progress as we action them.

Also, to make it easy for our engineers to recreate, in our office, what you are seeing on your network, NAVDoctor has a “RAW data logging” feature. From the web interface Homepage, select the “View Data” icon and you will see a page similar to the one below…

Once you have all of the NMEA 2000 Devices connected to the network, turned on and fully booted up, click the “Start Log” switch to start the logging. We always like to get as long a log file as possible, so please leave it logging for at least 10 minutes and then click the “Start Log” switch again to stop the logging.

The “Save Log” button should now be active and if you click it, your browser will download the log file to the default download folder. This is the file you will need to email us. It is a simple text file and if you ZIP it, the file will be much smaller and quicker to email.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please do not leave this page, while the logging is recording. If you switch to another web page, the logging will stop and not be saved.

We are really excited about the future for NAVDoctor and hope we can all work together to make it the best possible NMEA 2000 diagnostics tool for dealers and installers.

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