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update of navlink2

NavLink2 is an easy to fit NMEA 2000 to Wifi server designed so that NMEA 2000 navigation data can be made available for apps on smartphones, tablets, iPads and PCs. Installation takes seconds as a result of direct connection to the NMEA 2000 back bone and being self-powered from the data network.


1 – New NavLink2 Web Interface

There’s now a new web interface for the NavLink2 as well as some new functionalities. You can now filter the NMEA data and untick specific NMEA sentences which may create conflicts with some apps or software. You can also choose a specific mode for the Navlink2, for instance, you can choose the AIS mode to only send AIS and GPS data to get a better result with an app that can only accept AIS & GPS data, such as Navionics.

The data monitor has also been improved and it is now easier to save the data. You can also choose to merge the Navlink2’s WiFi to an existing WiFi network and this functionality has also been enhanced to make it easier.

This video below explains the new functionality:


2 – How to update the NavLink2?

Since the NavLink2 unit was originally released we have released a few firmware updates to improve performance and add features. The latest version is V2.00 and we would recommend this update to anyone who has an earlier version of firmware on their unit – you can see the version number in the footer of the NavLink2’s main web page.

The firmware update file ( can be downloaded from our GitHub repository by clicking here.

IMPORTANT NOTE – the file you download is a compressed ZIP file, make sure you extract the binary (.bin) file inside and upload this file, not the ZIP file, otherwise you could “brick” your NavLink2 and it will need to come back to Digital Yacht for repair (not under warranty).

We have tried to make the firmware update process as easy as possible on this new NavLink2 model and everything is done through the unit’s built-in web interface. To make things even easier, we have produced a short video of the process. This video explains how to update the WLN10’s web interface but it is the same process for the NavLink2:

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