iKonvert AIS Converter

iKonvert is our universal AIS converter.  It can take NMEA 2000 data and convert to NMEA 0183 and vica versa.  To make installation as flexible and easy as possible, it has a simple internal DIP switch array which can “program” the device for a variety of different conversion scenarios.

Even a DIY installer can set the mode without complicated programming tools or software. With the internal DIP switch, you can select the NMEA 0183 speed (4800 or 38400 baud).


AIS Mode

Its AIS mode is particularly useful converting AIS data from say a NMEA 2000 system for use with an older plotter which only accepts NMEA 0183 format AIS (like Raymarine C & E series and Garmin’s 450/550 and 3000/4000/5000 plotters).

plotter receiving AIS

Or it may be you want to convert AIS NMEA 0183 data from an older AIS receiver or transponder (like our AIS100/AIT250/AIT1000) which don’t support NMEA 2000 to integrate onto a new NMEA 2000 network.


iKonvert is an AIS converter

What’s more, setting the dedicated AIS mode allows the device to appear as a “genuine” AIS NMEA 2000 source so your plotter or multi function display will be able to select this as a source.


Powerful bi-directional and easy to install AIS Converter

As you can see with the systems above, iKonvert can handle both of these types of installation and iKonvert is a flexible AIS converter.

The installation is very simple and quick. iKonvert is fitted with a 0.8m NMEA 2000 data cable so its ready to T straight into the backbone.  It also takes power from the network.  The NMEA 0183 terminations are just a simple cable which can be connected using terminal block or a splice.

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