Overriding 4GXtream Auto-APN Settings

Our latest 4GXtream router has a new “Auto-APN” feature that reads the SIM details and selects the correct APN settings for the SIM’s mobile network. APN stands for Access Point Name and are the settings your 4GXtream needs to pass to the network carrier; AT&T, Vodafone, T-Mobile, etc. in order for the carrier to allocate your 4GXtream an IP address and connect you to the right secure network.

On many networks the new “Auto-APN” feature works very well, but today we had a Vodafone customer contact us who could not get their 4GXtream to connect correctly. The solution was to manually override the APN settings, by following the procedure below.

  1. Go to the 4GXtream’s web interface at and login
  2. By default the 4GXtream is in “Basic” mode and you need to click on the word Basic in the top right hand section of the web page, to enable “Advanced” mode.
  3. Now go to NETWORK>INTERFACES and click on the Edit button (pencil icon) of the SIM card interface you are using, SIM 1 in the example below.
  4. You can now edit the SIM settings to disable Auto-APN mode and add manual “Custom” APN settings, as shown below which are the correct settings for a Vodafone UK (contract) SIM. Once you have set the manual APN settings click the “Save & Apply” button and once the settings have been changed, go to the STATUS>OVERVIEW page to see if you now have a connection to the internet.


If your network carrier has not given you your APN settings, then this is a pretty good site to try and we would be really grateful if you could let us know if the Auto-APN settings work for you or what manual settings you had to use.


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