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Using Digital Yacht USB products with OpenCPN V3.2 or higher

Workspace 1_020

In the first of two posts about using our products with OpenCPN, we are pleased to announce the release of a new Tech Note that provides OpenCPN (Windows/Mac/LINUX) users with a clear guide on how to configure the latest Connection Manager (in OpenCPN since V3.2) to work with our USB products.

OpenCPN is one of the most popular marine navigation software packages and is completely Open Source, meaning that Windows, Mac and LINUX users can install and use the software for free. For more information on OpenCPN please click here.

If you have one of our AIS, GPS or Interfacing products that has a USB interface and you want to use it with OpenCPN, then please download Tech Note 00061-2014 by clicking here.

Best Marine Apps for iOS (V1.03)

Marine iOS AppsEarlier in the week we published our list of the best Marine Apps for Android devices, so in the interest of fairness, we have also updated our list of best Marine Apps for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.). Although the number of Android devices has reportedly overtaken Apple devices, we are still seeing a larger number of our products being used with iOS devices and perhaps this is due to the number and quality of Marine apps available for iOS, compared to Android.

This list also focuses on navigational apps that can be used with our wireless NMEA and AIS products and we are fairly confident that we have captured most of the popular apps currently available. However, if you are a user or developer of a good marine navigation app for iOS that is not on our list, please let us know and we will get you on the list at the next update.

A number of new Apps have been added to the list including; NavPlay, the first app to use Jeppesen charts (other than Jeppesen’s own app), Sailtimer which is an interesting App for club racing and cruising yachts that provides optimised tacking info, Charts & Tides and PolarView MX which are two more good value apps for US sailors.

All four of these new apps work with our wireless NMEA devices; WLN10, NavLink, iAIS, iNavHub and PilotLink and a PDF copy of this new updated list can be downloaded by clicking here iOS Apps V1_03.

Best Marine Apps for Android (V1.03)

Marine Android Apps

Our list of the best Marine Apps for Android devices continues to be one of the most read posts on our site and so we have decided to update it again with a few more new apps that have recently been released.

Focusing on navigational apps that can be used with our wireless NMEA and AIS products, this list is not definitive but it does include all of the most popular apps currently available. If you are a user or developer of a good marine navigation app for Android that is not on our list, please let us know and we will get you on the list at the next update.

New entrants to version 1.03 of our list are Memory Map, SeaPilot and WinGPS which are all apps that support Digital Yacht’s wireless NMEA devices. Memory Map offer a very large catalogue of Raster Charts (plus land maps) plus a very smart integration with Google Wear watches, SeaPilot have a very professional looking charting system utilising S57 Vector Charts from a growing number of Hydrographic Offices and WinGPS has very good Dutch chart coverage with yearly updates of the 1800 series of charts.

All three apps work with our wireless NMEA devices; WLN10, NavLink, iAIS, iNavHub and PilotLink and a PDF copy of this new updated list can be downloaded by clicking here Android Apps V1_03.

Digital Yacht Tech Training – A great resource

We’ve decided to publish our dealer training presentations on line so that the whole boating community can benefit.  Paul Sumpner, Digital Yacht’s CTO, was at the CA Clase distributor training event this week and presented a great overview on some of our core technologies including:

  • AIS – Hints and tips on transponder operation, programming and antenna selection
  • Wireless NMEA – differences between TCP/IP and UDP connections and app integration
  • GPS antennas and interfacing
  • Wireless internet and routers including common problems with accessing marina hotspots

Most importantly he covered lots of installation issues with hints and tips and important product selection advice.  Of course, reading a presentation on line is not as good as hearing the real thing so if you do have questions, feel free to contact us.

You can download the presentation from HERE  or click the picture below

tech training front cover


Wireless Navigation Takes Off at METS 2014

Digital Yacht have been pioneers in integrating consumer devices like iPads and tablets into your boat’s navigation system.  We introduced our award winning iAIS three years ago and our WLN10 NMEA to WiFi servers are installed on 1000s boats worldwide allowing NMEA data to be streamed to mobile devices.  The AquaWear WLN20 introduced this month enables wearable navigation for yachtsmen with its included wrist case allowing you to literally wear navigation on your sleeve – another first for the marine industry.  Find our more HERE


Other marine electronic equipment companies are also realising the potential so we decided to take a look around this years METS 2014 marine equipment show and video some of the other innovations.  Here’s the world’s first iPad radar from Furuno.

We are working with Furuno and Maxsea to get real time NMEA data (like GPS, instruments and AIS) into their apps from your boat’s navigation systems  making the connected boat a reality today.  Start looking forward to next generation navigation from Digital Yacht and our partners who share our vision.




AIT3000 – A neat install by UK Dealer Maricom

We’re starting to see the first AIT3000 installation pictures and here’s a lovely example from Hamble based Maricom.  The AIT3000 is our latest Class B transponder and incorporates a VHF-AIS antenna splitter with our ZeroLoss technology.  Using the main VHF antenna for both VHF and AIS allows for a fast and easy installation as well as offering excellent range as the main VHF will normally be high.


Note the white GPS antenna cable in the picture above is fitted with a FME connector which is about the same diameter of the coax cable so its easy to run the GPS antenna cable too.  The AIT3000 also features a built in wifi server so AIS, GPS and NMEA data can be streamed to an iPad or tablet.


Maricom took the screen shot above showing local AIS targets and the boat’s current position shown in red.  There’s lots of apps for navigation afloat including Digital Yacht’s NavLink charting and AIS app for iOS and AISView for Android.  Below is our new MAC app also called NavLink which turns a MacBook into a full featured navigation system with real time positioning, AIS overlays and routing.  It even shows AIS targets scaled to size.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 08.43.55The AIT3000 supports TCP/IP and UDP formats so offers compatability with a huge selection of 3rd party apps too.   The AIT3000 also has NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB interfaces.

IMG_0417Finally, with the installation complete, the facia panel is replaced and the AIT3000 hidden from view.  A silence switch can also be fitted if required allowing transmissions to be silenced while still allowing AIS target reception.  What a professional install by Maricom.

Maricom Header