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Woops! I Promise it wasn’t on the chart

Running aground is every sailors nightmare.  Did this poor skipper misread the chart or head over the rocky outcrop as it wasn’t shown on the chart?  Either way, with some charts using depth soundings from years ago, it’s time for better charts.

boat aground

Sonar Server is Digital Yacht’s low cost gateway from your boat’s NMEA depth instrument or fish-finder to a Smartphone or tablet running the popular Navionic’s charting app.  The app now features the ability to redraw bathymetry based on live data streamed from your boat’s system.

Before+After 2

The picture above shows just how well the system works

Before: This shows the dredged channel into the popular Parkstone Bay Yacht Club.  The traditional charts just show it as a channel  with no depth information

You sail: With SonarServer installed we passed over the channel and you can see our track as the red line.  In real time the charting is redrawn on the screen allowing us to reveal hidden depth contours

After: When we return ashore and our SmartPhone or tablet has an internet connection, data is anonymously uploaded to the Navionic’s server for reprocessing.  A sophisticated algorithm compares and validates data and allows a new “Sonar Chart” to be created which is then available for all to download next time they update charts in their apps.  This process typically takes a couple of weeks.  The new data clearly shows some areas on the starboard side of the channel which may cause concern.  It’s community boating at its best – as Navionics say, “if you want better charts, just go boating”

Find out more at http://www.sonarserver.com

Digital Yacht in Video Game !

GPS Class C

You know you are famous these days, when your product is featured in a video game. So it was a very pleasant surprise when one of our dealers, Ed at the Marine Trade Centre in Gosport,  sent us these images that he saw when playing the popular XBox game “Battlefield Hardline”.


We are not exactly sure what a Class C GPS is, but we are sure it works very well as it is clearly modelled on our AIT2000 Class B AIS Transponder.

Thanks Ed for sending in these images and if anyone else spots a Digital Yacht product in an interesting situation, please send us your pics.

Sonar Server Live Demo

There’s been massive interest in Sonar Server which takes NMEA depth data from your boat’s existing electronics (instruments, fish finders, multi function displays etc) and streams the data via its wifi server to mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and tablets that are on board.

Sonar Server NMEA


It’s designed to work with the popular Navionic’s boating app and the screen shot below shows the depth data being displayed in the top of the display.  In addition to the simple digital repeater display of depth information, Navionic’s have added new functionality called Sonar Charts Live.


SonarCharts Live allows users to view sonar recordings in an exciting real-time display on the Navionic’s app. The newly generated personal HD chart is then saved for private use on the device, while recorded depth data is anonymously shared with Navionics to improve SonarCharts for all boaters. All data is cross-checked with other community contributions to ensure accurate daily enhancements.  SonarChart Live is truly fascinating to watch – as you move, you’ll see the map expose the underwater surface and the contour details revealed.  To see how it works in practice, we took Sonar Server out in Poole.  In the screen shot above, you’ll see the dredged channel just appears as an unsurveyed area of water.  The next screen shot below reveals how we added to the chart display just by cruising up the channel and in real time the depth information is re-plotted.  This was just a single pass and the system will build better and better data the more times you pass over a point.  Now here’s the clever part…



The data is saved locally on your iPad/tablet and then the next time you have a live internet connection, this small amount of data is uploaded anonymously to Navionic’s charting server.  Here crowd sourced data from any other users is all combined, tidal offsets applied and some specialist algorithms utilised to validate and creat a new Sonar Chart which is then available for all users.  It truly is a step change in navigation and in producing better charts.

We’ve a video here showing Sonar Server in action


Make a difference to marine navigation – Check out http://www.sonarserver.com

Digital Update August 2015 Now Out!

Digital Update is Digital Yacht’s regular newslettter to keep you abreast of our latest product introductions.  The August 2015 edition is now available to download from HERE or click on the image below.  This month we take a look at the new DTV100 TV antenna, WL70 wifi antenna and Sonar Server.

Newsletter_AUG15_Front Page

WL70 WiFi Antenna Brings Affordable Hi Power WiFi Aboard

The WL70 has just been released as a replacement for our popular WL60 wifi antenna solution.  It’s a hi power wifi antenna for a PC or MAC that will offer  up to 15x the range of a normal wifi solution built into a laptop.

More and more boaters want access to the internet afloat. Marinas and ports as well as a large number of cafes, hotels, restaurants and service providers offer wi-fi connectivity but you may just miss that vital connection if you’re moored or anchored away from the dock – especially if you’re below decks about to enjoy a movie or catch up on email. The WL70 can offer connections up to about ½ mile/1km depending upon conditions.

wl70 plus wifi logo

It has a very high performance 1.25m 15dBm antenna to suck in the weakest of signals and the internal low noise, high sensitivity modem connects to the PC via simple plug ‘n play USB interface. It fits a standard 1” mount (not supplied) so can be permanently mounted or even taken out into the cockpit when moored and temporarily installed.

WL70 on Mount

The WL70 replaces our existing WL60 model which is now end of line.

For more information, download the Dealer Preview Pack from HERE

The WL70 has a list price of £125/€185/$199.95 (ex vat) and is available now

Welcome to the new internet connected boat!

AISNET Plus – A powerful new AIS Base Station Receiver

AISnet+ is a new enhanced version of our popular AISnet AIS base station receiver.  Both models will continue to be available but AISnet+ features some new, unique interfacing capabilities.

Both devices are fitted with a network/RJ45 interface.  They are designed for installation on shore side facilities such as ports, marinas or platforms for connection to the internet via a suitable router.  Local AIS traffic decoded by the AISnet receiver can then be sent to AIS internet providers such as Marine Traffic and AISLive.

aisnet plus The new AISnet+ device brings new connectivity options with a sophisticated internal router allowing for Open VPN connections and wireless connectivity as well as via a LAN cable.  Like the AISnet receiver, it has also has a USB interface for a local PC or MAC.  Open VPN allows for secure AISnet to server communications for high reliability and security – its ideal for military applications.

AISnet+uses the very latest generation, high sensitivity dual channel AIS receiver for the best possible receiver performance.  Both Class A and Class B transmissions are fully decoded including ATONs, SARTs and other specialist AIS signals.  Indicator lights are now built in showing receiver and network status.

aisnet base station-01

AISnet+ ships with a 110/220V AC adaptor (with universal plug adaptors for global markets) and a simple to use configuration application/CD for both PC and MAC.  It can also be powered from 12V DC.  It is available now priced at £1000 plus VAT where applicable ($1600/EUR1400)

DTV100 Marine TV Antenna now shipping – bringing affordable TV to your boat

Digital Yacht’s new DTV100 HD TV antenna is now shipping – bringing affordable TV entertainment to your boat.  It’s specifically designed for the new digital terrestrial transmissions. With a super sensitive design and hi-gain amplifier, it sucks in even the weakest of signals.

tv ant and splitter

It’s omni-directional too so there’s no complicated aligning plus it will also provide a feed for a FM stereo radio.  With a massive selection of news, entertainment, films, weather and sport now available on digital, keeping entertained on board has never been easier – plus digital and FM radio too.

dtv100 preview information 2

Key features are:

  • Very high performance omni directional marine TV antenna
  • Global reception capability of latest DVB/HDTV signals
  • TV and FM radio outlet
  • Below deck mounted amplifier with -7dB to +29dB gain
  • Pole or standard 1” adaptor mounting capability
  • Supplied with 10m coax
  • Optional dual TV outlet amplifier
  • Just 280mm diameter

Fitting is a breeze too with cabling and a pole and 1″ adaptor style fitting included.  DTV100 sells for $199.95/GBP £125 ex vat – more information HERE

dtv100 preview information