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AIT3000 – A neat install by UK Dealer Maricom

We’re starting to see the first AIT3000 installation pictures and here’s a lovely example from Hamble based Maricom.  The AIT3000 is our latest Class B transponder and incorporates a VHF-AIS antenna splitter with our ZeroLoss technology.  Using the main VHF antenna for both VHF and AIS allows for a fast and easy installation as well as offering excellent range as the main VHF will normally be high.


Note the white GPS antenna cable in the picture above is fitted with a FME connector which is about the same diameter of the coax cable so its easy to run the GPS antenna cable too.  The AIT3000 also features a built in wifi server so AIS, GPS and NMEA data can be streamed to an iPad or tablet.


Maricom took the screen shot above showing local AIS targets and the boat’s current position shown in red.  There’s lots of apps for navigation afloat including Digital Yacht’s NavLink charting and AIS app for iOS and AISView for Android.  Below is our new MAC app also called NavLink which turns a MacBook into a full featured navigation system with real time positioning, AIS overlays and routing.  It even shows AIS targets scaled to size.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 08.43.55The AIT3000 supports TCP/IP and UDP formats so offers compatability with a huge selection of 3rd party apps too.   The AIT3000 also has NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB interfaces.

IMG_0417Finally, with the installation complete, the facia panel is replaced and the AIT3000 hidden from view.  A silence switch can also be fitted if required allowing transmissions to be silenced while still allowing AIS target reception.  What a professional install by Maricom.

Maricom Header

METs “Wash Up” Meeting


So METs 2014, the largest European Marine Trade Show has closed for another year and we would like to thank everyone that visited our stand. With a DAME Award Nomination for our new Aqua Wear WLN20 product, a collection of new business cards from prospective trade customers and good meetings with our existing distributors and dealers, METs 2014 was a success.

Now comes the hard work of following up and turning the new enquiries in to new business and of course washing and ironing the shirts ready for the next show !

AISNET – A great solution for vessel tracking

AISNET is Digital yacht’s low cost AIS base station receiver.  It’s designed to be mounted ashore and connected to the internet via its RJ45 network interface.  Local AIS data can then be uploaded to websites such as Marine Traffic to allow easy web viewing of AIS traffic in your region.  It’s also fitted with a USB connection for a local PC.  Here’s Paul Sumpner, Digital Yacht’s CTO at METS 2014 telling us a bit more about this niche product.


Digital Yacht 2015 Pricing

2015 pricing logoWe know how frustrating annual prices changes can be so we’re issuing our 2015 Price Guide early so you can prepare catalogues and websites in advance

For our dealers and distributors, here are short form price lists for 2015.  These new prices become effective for orders after 1st January 2015.  E&OE

Please note all prices are SRP, excluding VAT if applicable.

For GBP (£) pricing, click  DIGITAL YACHT 2015 UK PRICE LIST

For EUR (€) pricing, click DIGITAL YACHT 2015 EURO PRICE LIST

For USD ($) pricing, click DIGITAL YACHT 2015 US$ PRICE LIST

GPS150 DualNav Sensor – Six Great Applications Afloat

It’s been just over a year since the GPS150 Dualnav positioning sensor was launched and we’ve seen a multitude of different applications.  The GPS150 is a sophisticated combination GPS and GLONASS positioning sensor which is field programmable for a variety of different modes and data outputs.  You can get more information at our microsite www.dualnav.com.  Field programming is done using a series of internal DIP switches so its fast and easily configurable by the installer

GPS150 PCB Photo for Dame_dualnav

It can be programmed as a GPS only, GLONASS only or unique DualNav mode sensor which can offer sub 1m accuracy and a 10Hz super fast output which improves chart plotter redraws significantly.  Despite its precision and performance it costs just £125/EUR165/US$189.95


Here’s 6 great applications for the GPS150

GPS150 – High performance positioning sensor

Configured in DualNav mode you’ll typically get better than 1m accuracies from the combination of GPS & GLONASS positioning, coupled with a fast 38400 baud NMEA output (24x faster than normal systems) and a 10Hz update rate for super fast and smooth plotter redraws

GPS150 – Add GLONASS to your GPS based system

We absolutely rely on GPS for every aspect of our navigation so why not take advantage of GLONASS too.  GLONASS is now available thanks to funding of nearly $5billion from the Russian government and like GPS, it’s FREE and global.  The GPS150 can be configured as a GLONASS only sensor so you can add this to your existing systems by connecting to a spare NMEA port or fitting a simple selector switch to allow the positioning sources to be selected.  Double up on your navigation options!

GPS150 – NMEA sensor for DSC VHFs

With many modern chart plotters (for instance Raymarine A series) not incorporating a NMEA 0183 output, you can’t get positioning information into the vast majority of DSC VHFs.  A reliable feed to the DSC radio is an essential safety feature – press the distress button with no position and you might as well not bother!  The GPS150 can be configured as a simple 4800 baud positioning sensor compatible with every DSC VHF.  Boat builders also see this as a safety priority – the DSC radio should have its own fail-safe positioning data

GPS150 – Raystar replacement

The very popular Raystar antennas used by Raymarine on C/E series and other products are now end of life.  They are also prone to failure rendering the integrated navigation system useless without a positioning input.  The GPS150 can connect to the NMEA 0183 input on these older systems and bring high definition positioning on board!

GPS150 – WiFi connect to an iPad or tablet

gps150 system drawing

You can connect the GPS150 to our WLN10HS and make high definition positioning data available for your iPad or tablet.  The WLN10HS creates an on board hotspot – simply connect your device (up to 5 can connect) and stream data to your favourite, compatible app such as iNavX, NavLink, NMEA Remote, iSailor and more

GPS150 – USB for PC and MAC

The GPS150USB version is also available for MAC and PC based navigation systems.  Turn your notebook into a high performance marine charting system with the latest software.  The GPS150USB is self powered from the PC making it great for charter skippers too.  You can even add dual USB and NMEA connectivity to the GPS150 standard version with our USB-NMEA adaptor

GPS150 – more next generation navigation from Digital Yacht

Class B AIS – A New 5 Minute Guide

With the METS 2014 introduction of our new AIT1500 and AIT3000 Class B transponders, the Digital Yacht family is growing fast.  Here’s a quick 5 minute guide to the AIS system and the features of our new enlarged Class B AIS family.  Digital Yacht have an AIS system for just about every application including receivers, shore stations, ATONs, SARTs and Class A and Class B transponders.

METS 2014 New Products – Trade & Dealer Preview

In just over two weeks, the biggest ever METS marine equipment trade show opens its doors.  Digital Yacht will be exhibiting in Hall 1, Stand 611.  We’ll have a raft of innovative, new product introductions including our DAME design award nominated AquaWear WLN20 wireless server.

You can download the quick preview presentation from HERE or watch a quick 5 minute video presentation preview so make sure to come by and get more information and get the latest pricing and offers for 2015.  METS 18-20th November 2014.