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AquaWear WLN20 NMEA-Wireless Gateway – Preview Information

The AquaWear WLN20 NMEA-Wireless gateway has been nominated for the prestigious DAME award at this years METS exhibition (Amsterdam 18-20 November).  We’re launching the AquaWear concept and range of servers at this show.

You can download the UK trade preview information right HERE or the Euro version from HERE

Connect to your existing navigation electronics via an industry standard NMEA interface and stream real time data from GPS, instrument and AIS systems to transform the way you navigate. Your smart-phone is a powerful device and you can take advantage of its simple operation and touch screen high resolution display while afloat, transforming it into a new navigation device.

aquawear dame

AquaWear servers are app agnostic and because they use industry standard NMEA protocols, they will integrate with all the leading brands of marine electronics.  The applications market is constantly evolving with new innovative apps and programs launched daily. Choose from racing and instrument displays, AIS target tracking, charting and electronic navigation – the chances are that there is an app for your app available!   If you are a developer, you can benefit from an open platform with stable and well proven hardware and join the AquaWear Alliance.

AquaWear servers can support multiple devices so your crew can connect too and they are also compatible with iPads, Android phones and tablets, PCs and MACs allowing you to use it at the chart table too.

AquaWear servers are delivered with a splash proof, stylish yet tough, wrist band case to suit most modern smart phones but of course you’re free to check out the massive range of 3rd party waterproof cases that are now available for your device.

AquaWear – next generation wearable navigation from Digital Yacht

aquawear arm lr

Got a MacBook then get NavLink for MAC

NavLink for MAC is a full featured chart and navigation app for MacBook PCs.  It’s designed to integrate with Digital Yacht NMEA to WiFi devices so you can stream real time NMEA AIS and GPS data from your boats’ systems to the MacBook for a complete wireless solution.  It’s also compatible with our USB products such as the AIS100USB, GPS150USB and general purpose NMEA-USB adaptor.  Even if you have a sophisticated chart plotting system on board, a MacBook makes a fantastic 2nd station system and the track-pad is the most intuitive of devices with pinch to zoom and super fast panning and scrolling.


NavLink has just had an upgrade with new features like AIS target scaling as shown below.  This is great when making anti collision calculations as you can see if you’ll pass ahead or astern of a vessel.  Targets are also colour coded and the AIS presentation is much better than a traditional chart plotter

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 08.43.55

Also new is AIS and GPS integration via USB or Wireless and an option for Internet AIS (you’ll need to be online for this to function) which is great for planning or seeing what’s about in other ports.  This can be enabled/disabled as required.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 09.00.54

Plus there’s lots more.  We’ve put together a short presentation on all the new features to download from HERE

Detailed charts are included.  The UK version utilises UKHO accurate and detailed charts and the US version utilises NOAA charting for the best in reliability.  Chart updates are automatically downloaded

Available as NavLink UK and NavLink US versions, you can purchase direct from the Apple MAC store.  A North European version will be available shortly

NTN10 – The solution for NMEA to Network Interfacing

Several installers have asked us to produce an NMEA to network server to compliment our range of  NMEA to WiFi devices.  This is particularly useful on larger vessels where an existing network is installed but users want the benefit of overlaying NMEA navigation data into this infrastructure.

Welcome on board – the Digital Yacht NTN10 NMEA to Ethernet server.

It’s simple to install.  Just connect power and NMEA 0183 data and program using the supplied software for a specific TCP/IP or UDP address to suit your application.  It can also be programmed for 4800 or 38400 baud NMEA data.

ntn10 server jpeg

The first application we have seen is on board superyachts where Captains and Crew want the benefit of NMEA data for navigation apps like iNavX or NavLink.  Connect, for instance, to the on board AIS and instrument system and realtime NMEA data can be dropped into the existing boat network allowing one log-on for both internet data and NMEA.  Crew can now roam freely, connected to the existing boat network, with their favorite app using live data and utilise their tablet or iPad for navigation around the boat.  If multiple NMEA streams are required then you can utilise the Digital Yacht MUX100 NMEA multiplexer – details HERE

The new NTN10 server will be formally launched at METS 2014 but is available now.  Part number ZDIGNTN10

Retail price is $350 and you can buy online from HERE via Paypal/Credit card

Digital Update October 2014 Out Now

The October 2014 edition of Digital Update, DY’s monthly newsletter, is now out and available to download from HERE

In this month’s publication we take a look at two new product introductions.  AquaMedia is Digital Yacht’s new on board entertainment server for digital media and AquaWear brings wearable navigation to boating.  Great new innovations from Digital Yacht – read about them right here and see them at METS2014 in November


Oasis of the Seas drawn to scale

Oasis of the Sea

Further to our post last week about the update of our NavLink App for iPhones/iPads, here is a great screen shot of the new AIS targets drawn to scale feature. In the image above you can see the largest cruise liner in the world “Oasis of the Seas” entering Southampton Waters for the first time, which was taken at 9.00am this morning.

Unfortunately due to the sea mist, it was not possible to see her by eye, so we had to make do with plotting her progress on the NavLink App.

NavLink takes the ship’s dimensions from the data it receives from the Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder fitted to the Oasis of the Seas and draws the ship to scale on its electronic chart. Note the relative size of the Red Eagle ferry, which is dwarfed by the 362m cruise liner, on its starboard stern.

Two versions of app are available NavLink UK and NavLink US on the Apple App Store and for more information on the new features in this latest update please click here.

New UK Digital Yacht Product Guide

Here’s our latest UK Product Guide -Edition 5 for 2014.  Please note all prices exclude VAT and are in GBP. This latest edition has details of our new AIT3000 Class B transponder  as well as NavLink UK MAC and iOS charting and navigation apps.  Click on the image below to download


For Euro and US$ versions, please contact your local office or sales contact.  You can also download the UK Guide from HERE

New update for NavLink App for iPhones/iPads


We are pleased to announce a new update is now available for our popular NavLink UK and NavLink US apps for iPhones/iPads. The update which existing users can get free of charge from the App store provides the following new features;

-  External NMEA GPS support – great for iPads without built-in GPS (also supports GPS from AIS transponder).
–  Rate of turn vectors showing bending ship course prediction.
–  Relative scale ship icons – so big ships appear bigger.
–  Ship names displayed on map – so you can see the ships’ names without having to tap on them.
–  Ships drawn at true scale size when zoomed in on the map – vital for seeing the size of the gap or passage around large vessels.

Our NavLink apps which work with all of our wireless NMEA servers are perfect for anyone that wants to wirelessly receive AIS and GPS data from their boat’s AIS system. For more information click on the links below.

NavLink UK which includes UKHO vector charts for UK+Ireland and optional in-app purchase for other North European charts.

NavLink US which includes NOAA vector charts for the US

If you do not already have an AIS but want to get one with this wireless capability, please look at our iAIS (receiver) or our brand new AIT3000 (transponder with splitter) products.