ISSUE: Problems installing proAIS2 drivers on Windows Vista and 7
The supplied proAIS2 software that is used to configure your AIT2000 prior to installation, includes the necessary USB drivers which are installed as part of the proAIS2 installation package.
It has been reported that on some Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs, that the proAIS2 software will install but that Windows does not install the USB drivers. No error message or warning is given but when you come to try and run the proAIS2 software and connect to the AIT2000, it is not listed as being available and if you check in the Device Manager you will see that the drivers are not installed and no COM port has been allocated to the AIT2000.
Cause and Solution
Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a feature called “User Account Control” (UAC) that is designed to stop viruses and malware programs from taking control of your PC and causing problems. This feature is very useful but it can cause problems when installing programs that install new drivers.
If you have a problem installing proAIS2 and the USB drivers correctly, please follow the procedure below;
1) Uninstall proAIS2 using the “Programs and Features” option in the Windows Control Panel.
2) Right click on the proAIS2 “setup.exe” program and select “Run as Administrator” which will allow the program to run with the UAC temporarily turned off.
3) This should install the proAIS2 software and the USB drivers correctly.

Alternatively, you can turn the UAC feature off, install proAIS2 and then turn it back on again.

Once the drivers are correctly installed, when you run the proAIS2 software you should see your AIT2000 listed as being available and when you click the “Connect” button you should be able to configure and program the AIT2000.

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