New Firmware Update for AIT2000 + CLB2000

Today we have just finished testing and approving a new software update for our popular AIT2000 and CLB2000 Class B Transponders. This is the first update for these products and includes a number of small tweaks to the Alarms, to stop the occasional false alarm that one or two customers have reported.

RES Office in St Peter Port, Guernsey

The main reason for the update though was to fix a problem that we had reported to us by Robin at Radio and Electronic Services in Guernsey. Robin had installed our AIT2000 with a Lowrance HDS7 using the NMEA2000 interface for ease of installation. These were the only two units in the network and Robin could not understand why, when he turned the plotter off and then on again, the AIS data would stop being received on the plotter.

We traced the problem to an interesting bug that made the AIT2000 stop transmitting when it was the “last device standing” (powered up) in the NMEA2000 network. During all of our testing we had focused on making sure the AIT2000 worked with lots of different equipment in really large and complex networks but never once tried it with just one other NMEA2000 device.

Well we have now fixed that problem and learnt a lesson too, so thank you Robin for all of your help.

Anyone using our AIT2000 or CLB2000 on an NMEA2000 network are recommended to install this update, which can be downloaded by clicking here. A Tech Note explaining how to do the update has also been released, just click here to download it.

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  1. Tech note link explains how to update firmware does not work it just comes up waith error page not found

    1. Hi Brian,
      Yes you are right, sorry about that. This is quite an old article and the link to the old website was broken. I have updated all of the links now, so they should be OK. However, please note that the latest firmware for our AIT1500/AIT2000/AIT3000/Nomad family of transponders is now V2.02 which came out this year, not the version mentioned in the article.
      This will bring your transponder bang up to date.
      Best regards

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