Digital Yacht Wireless NMEA Products now Android Compatible

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Since the beginning of 2013, we have been shipping our iAIS, WLN10 and NavLink products with new Access Point enabled firmware. Previously our wireless NMEA products operated in “Ad-Hoc” (also known as “Peer to Peer”) networking mode and this was fine for Apple and Windows products but did not work with Android devices.

Now with the new Access Point mode firmware, Android devices are fully supported and customers can use a couple of popular Android apps; iRegatta and droidAIS to read and display the NMEA data from our products.

Even Apple or Windows customer can benefit from the new firmware as it does provide a more reliable connection over long periods of use, as “Ad-Hoc” connections have been known to drop out after a few hours of use for no apparent reason.

Existing customers can update their units to the new firmware, although this is best done by returning your unit to Digital Yacht, unless you are experienced in networking and using terminal programs to configure embedded devices. There is a small charge for updating the firmware, please contact for more information.

To tell if your unit already has the latest firmware, the easiest way is to try connecting an Android device. Failing this, Windows and Apple users can look at the connection status and if there is a Router/DNS/DHCP/Gateway Address shown of (see images below) then they have the new AP Mode firmware.

Apple AP Mode Status                Windows AP Mode status


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