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February 13, 2013
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February 25, 2013
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RF Connectors + Cables Explained

RF Adaptors

We often talk to customers about the RF (radio frequency) cables and connectors on their boats and sometimes it is clear that the connector names and cable references that we take for granted are not always recognised by our customers. With this in mind, we decided to publish a new Tech Note that illustrates many of the common RF connectors and cables found on boats and also explains what they are used for and the tools required to assemble them.

We hope that readers of this blog find this new Tech Note interesting and if anyone can suggest any additional information that would be good to include, please let us know.

To download a copy of the new Tech Note please click here.


  1. Class B Transponder – Dedicated Antenna or Splitter ? | Digital Yacht Ltd says:

    […] during installation, it can double as an emergency VHF antenna. If you keep the necessary adaptor (usually PL259 to BNC) then in the event of your main VHF antenna failing or a demasting, you can quickly unplug the AIS […]

  2. Nigel Chilcott says:

    where can I obtain a SPL2000 zero loss splitter? Not shown on your website that I can find.

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